Those who survive the crown will live with it for the rest of their lives. Scientists who surveyed 84,000 285 people announced


While the coronavirus epidemic has shown its effects around the world, a surprising result emerged in a study conducted in England. According to research conducted on the long-term outcomes of the corona virus, it was claimed that the brains of some patients who beat Kovid-19 were 10 years old and some people’s IQ levels have decreased.

A study conducted in England revealed that people who survived the coronavirus epidemic could not survive the disease. In a study by scientists at Imperial College London, it was determined that the brains of those who survived the disease were about 10 years old, while their IQs decreased.

Research published in the British press, Dr. Adam Hampshire directed. Dr. While Hampshire claimed to have examined the brains of Kovid-19 survivors, he said that one of the symptoms of corona virus disease that didn’t last long was brain damage. Although it is noted that some people also have symptoms of poor mental health, “The brains of some Kovid-19 survivors have aged 10 years. In mental tests, we found that those who defeated the corona virus scored lower than those who did not get the corona virus. ” It has been said.

The scientists did a test called the Great British Intelligence Test, and 84,285 In research involving humans, the IQ of patients who survived the corona virus more severely A drop of 8.5 points It was recorded that it happened.


On the other hand, in the British press reports, it was claimed that the mental health of those who beat Kovid-19 in the ICU also worsened in a joint study conducted at Imperial College, Cambridge University, University of Chicago and King’s College. It has been noted that those who defeated the corona virus have failed tests of logic and the meaning of words. In the study, it was stated that those who showed no symptoms and had no symptoms such as shortness of breath also experienced distress.

In research, “There was a study that increased fears that being infected with the corona virus has chronic mental effects. In the test results of patients suspected of being infected with Kovid-19 or who are actually Kovid-19 patients, these people have obtained worse results than those who did not have the disease. proportional to its heavy passage “ the expression was used.

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