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Thomas Crown Art: Hard Fork of Ethereum may request further meetings in Crypto

January 18, 2019
By: Steven Anderson

We have heard of Thomas Crown Art – and his technology expert Ian McLeod – on more than one occasion. Recently, McLeod spoke about the next Ethereum hard fork. In fact, the current word suggests that not only will Ethereum continue to mount with the hard gallows on January 16, but the entire cryptocurrency market will do at least some measure of recovery with its arrival.

McLeod, whose Thomas Crown Art was previously seen putting the cryptocurrency to work as a way to authenticate the art and keep the artists in eating money, noted that Ethereum – the second largest cryptocurrency behind just bitcoin itself – had already seen a fairly radical rally. He broke a resistance point of $ 125, which suggested he could carry on and recover new highs.

It was not just the recent break in resistance that McLeod suggested would be important. He noted "…. The hard gallows will mean that the Ethereum miner's awards fall from three to two ethers and decrease the blocking time, resulting in a faster network.This is a key part of an important Ethereum upgrade and Markets are thrilled.There is a chance that the date of the rigid fork can be rejected a bit, but traders are managing this in expectations. "

McLeod also stressed the value of "oracles" or data feeds that provide information to smart contracts. Smart contracts are an important part of the cryptocurrency market: it is part of what is giving Thomas Crown Art an advantage in the industry and, with Ethereum gaining ground from the fork, it increases the likelihood that Ethereum's smart contracts will become a reality. weapon of choice.

Many have pointed out that if the precious metals should ever explode in value, the biggest explosion would not be seen in gold, platinum or palladium, but rather in silver. Ethereum is effectively the gold for bitcoin gold, and since Ethereum is rated by about 1/26 of what bitcoin is still at the time of writing this book, Ethereum definitely has much more upside potential.

Can Ethereum ever recover its post-bubble losses and re-land the $ 1,386.02 that it saw this time last year? Only time will tell about that score, but with increasing use cases, there may be a real hike on foot.

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