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This will be Turkey's hemp center

The candidate of President Recep Tayyip Erdoan in Samsun, summers of Tantm,
We will make sure to stop the cultivation of hemp in vezirkpr.
plantation center will be. We build your point here. We will make our fabric here "
szleri drew attention to this.

Production of hemp production in Vezirkpr with government support
be established. With the arrival of the Prime Minister
Native Americans have lost their attention. Research on hemp in the world
Robert Cornell Clarke, mdr and freelance of the company, 2016
he came to the district of Narlsaray and came here to produce cannabis
dance to receive. Planting video with a camera for hemp production
American Clarke, who made standard cannabis eitlerle instead of ky populations
Production recommended seeds and almonds
Clarke stated, doing the carpet expressing the United States gtrd.
Also in 2016, a Japanese textile company came to Narlsaray and touched

"Every cannabis plant has been planted as a documentary"

In addition to Narlsaray secondary school intermediaries
Bnyamin Kvrak, Vezirkpr has not produced hemp ever since
He said it was a wet center. Previously made in Narlsaray
the ropes of the navy
Kvrak, "after the years' 60 in the non-biological world with almasyla
production of marijuana slowly. Recently, natural materials
textile brands in the world together with hemp fibers dt. This kyle
continued until this time.

The reason for the continuation of the cannabis stalks is incineration. in Turkey
hemp production is controlled. But here's the old license
I can still only do my production here. when production is at the final point
In 2010, our academics from Ondokuz Mays University; professor Dr Ali
Kemal Ayan and Do. Dr. Selim Ayta, research related to cannabis in Narlsaray
doing ballads. They informed the public of Kendir. In 2016, hemp
Robert Cornell Clarke, an expert in the field of cannabis production.
He arrived.

He has planted all kinds of Kendir production as a documentary. Contact Burann directly
ZG. They took it from here. Touching hemp ropes in a carousel in Kastamonu
they made. Byk probably sold them in America. Japan in 2016
nl a textile company has arrived here. Here they requested communication "
he said.

"Production of Meakkatli RN"

Kvrak stressed that hemp production is difficult, "Hemp
meakkatli an rn. It is not as easy as reflected in the media. ok useful
a rn but production is difficult. He needs a certain ship to ship. Human gcyle
He is doing production. But in the production of modern agricultural machinery and tools
the difficulties can be reached by the "residence".

Halil Ildak, a resident of Narlsaray for 30 years,
This is our father's business.
But it does not sell now. We are about to grab the stems.
Support can be reproduced if provided. Americans are coming years
He came here. Geen, and this year they took seeds from here. This year 5 people
they understood. They took the stem part of what we called Kelek.

"Making the soil efficient"

Ali Zyrek, a neighborhood resident, said
"There is no harmful grass in the field.
If you've planted this plant in the jungle next year, you'll be fatless. "
In the acquit he found.

After recent developments in cannabis, other residents
If asked, they said they wanted hemp bread again. in Turkey
Residents of Narlsaray who are now one of the places where retildii in snrl is now located
they use the stem of the stems to keep the fire. The basics are rettikleri
people who made hemp fibers for 10 to 13 pounds of weight.

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