This week in Cryptocurrency – August 24th 2018


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Although not as dramatic as we have seen in previous weeks, the market has remained relatively stagnant, seeing the "lows" slightly lower for the whole week.

This week, the entire market fell just -0.04% compared to different Bitcoin ETF waste (or were reviews?) From the SEC. While some believe that the twenty percent gain is negative, the lack of price movement after this negative news means we may have finally found a plan. Fingers Cross

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Blockchain Manifesto, Bitcoin rose 1.29% this week – an impressive statistic considering the negative press [19659003] Ethereum continued to be hammered, down 7.35% in the last seven days

and XRP the coin that everyone loves to hate is this week great winner, on 4.04% .

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The SEC rejects many Bitcoin ETFs (for now): Eight more ETF proposals on Bitcoin join the ETF Winklevoss in the SEC waste pile. The main reason for the rejections, so far, has been the inability of exchanges to provide sufficient evidence to prevent market manipulation and fraudulent activity. Not all is lost, however. The SEC has stated that their decision has no influence on their opinion of Bitcoin and blockchain as a useful technology. And investors seem to be on an agreement. The price of Bitcoin has remained relatively stable even with the unfortunate news.

BREAKING: In a quick turnaround, the SEC now says they will examine the nine ETFs they had previously refused. These reviews could still lead to the same result, but they give a glimmer of hope for Bitcoin ETF hopes this week.

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Steve Wozniak announces the involvement of Blockchain: At the recent ChainXchange conference in Las Vegas, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak announced his involvement with a new blockchain company, Equi. This project is the first adventure of Wozniak in the cryptocurrency space. Remaining relatively secret, the Equi website only states that the project "will interrupt Venture Capital, Real Estate and Luxury Asset Investing". The platform is scheduled for the winter of this year.

Nvidia calls for the closure of Crypto: [19659018] Well, it seems that nobody is safe in this bear market. In a rather surprising move, Nvidia decided to end its crypto-specific product initiative. In a statement released last week, CFO Colette Kress said: "Our revenue forecasts [Nvidia’s] had anticipated specific cryptocurrency products down by about $ 100 million, while actual revenues for specific cryptographic products were $ 18. millions, and now we foresee a negligible contribution in the future.

Ripple CTO calls Central Bitcoin: This week, in an article entitled "The intrinsically decentralized nature of XRP Ledger", Ripple's CTO David Schwartz flips the script on the classic "Ripple is centralized." In his post, Schwartz makes several arguments regarding validators as a better alternative to miners, the potential for collusion of mining pools and the final blow that "the XRP register is in many ways a more transactional, functional and decentralized register than Bitcoin or Ethereum. "Bold strategy, Cotton.

Bittrex joins Rialto to provide digital securities trading: Thursday, Bittrex has informed users through its support platform that the company is collaborating with Rialto Trading for support digital securities trading At the time of launch, the extended platform will be available to institutional investors, accredited investors, companies and broker-brokers registered in the US

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Bitcoin Mining Juggernaut Bitmain plans to launch IPO: [19659012] ICO, ICschmo. Bitmain is making a gigantic round of financing. And they are doing it with traditional means.

How trades are using KYC laws to keep your encryption: KYC procedures are designed for exchanges to prevent illegal activities. However, some platforms are changing their policies without warning and freezing their accounts accordingly.

South Korean cryptocurrency market aimed at revising the rules: The cryptocurrency trade is now located next to bars and nightclubs in South Korea. Find out why here

9 main obstacles to the widespread adoption of criptovalute: We are still very far from the adoption of the mainstream cryptocurrency. Here are the first nine things that hold us back.

Bitcoin Be Hacked? Get Hacked and Find Out !: Is it possible that the bitcoin is actually hacked? There is only one way to find out …

What is Tezos (XTZ)? | Beginner's Guide to Currency Disputes: Take a look at this beginner's guide on the platform of the smart contract with a controversial story.

What will Barclays Bank do with Blockchain Tech ?: Barclays Bank is joining other progressive thinkers about financial institutions with some new blockchain patents.

The growing world of non-fungible brands: CryptoKitties was only the beginning. Non-fungible tokens are becoming even more popular as groups start exploiting resources around the world.

Interview: Sapien Team on Web 3.0 and a new social world: We had the chance to sit down with the Sapien team to discuss Web 3.0. Read our chat here.

A winning choice? Bitstarz Casino Review: Is Bitstarz Casino a good choice for your gambler? We have examined it to help you decide.

Founder of Techfugees on Leveraging Blockchain to help refugees: Techfugees CEO, Josephine Goube, is coordinating the technological community's commitment to internally displaced people. Read more in our interview

Why Switzerland strives to keep its crypto-friendly title: Problems in the (crypto) paradise? Switzerland is starting to look like it might not be as crypto-friendly as people thought.

What Is Viacoin (VIA)? | Beginner's Guide: Viacoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that works complementary to Bitcoin and Litecoin. Let's analyze what you need to know in this guide.

What is Karmacoin? (KARMA): Karmacoin was a short-lived cryptocurrency composed of numerous projects. Read his story in this guide.

A close look at Citi's efforts in Blockchain and Crypto: Although he blocks cryptocurrency purchases with his credit cards, Citi is creating his own blockchain, Citicoin and Citi Blockchain solutions.

The merger of Blockchain and higher education: Two-way learning, personalized lessons, electronic transcripts – blockchain and higher education are a match made in paradise.

What is BitGo? Enterprise Cryptocurrency Solutions: BitGo is a company with one goal in mind: allowing institutional investments in cryptocurrency. But why should it be necessary? Does not crypto provide a means to avoid banks and financial institutions?

Fitrova Up to 944% this week – Locating the pump and landfill: After its meteoric rise, previously unknown Fitrova may have been on your radar this week. However, an investment in it would have cost you.

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Hey hey heeeeeeey BitConnect leader arrested in India: Divyesh Darji, the supposed mind behind BitConnect The Ponzi scheme was arrested last Saturday at Delhi airport. Immigration officials identified Darji while he was trying to travel to Ahmedabad. The police of the criminal investigation department arrested him later at the airport. The arrest occurred about 7 months after BitConnect closed the shop due to several letters of termination and withdrawal by the financial regulatory authorities. BitConnect (BCC) is somehow still trading at over $ 6.5 million in market capitalization.

Australian citizens now able to pay their bills in Crypto: A recent partnership between Cointree, a platform to buy / sell crypto and the Gobbill bill payment platform means that people in the underground can now pay their invoices with cryptocurrency. Gobbill, as an intermediary, will collect funds from customers and pay bills on their behalf. This additional step allows customers to pay with cryptocurrency regardless of whether their service provider accepts them.

China Bans Bitcoin Again … ] n their latest wave of bans on bitcoins, the Chinese government has banned all commercial cryptocurrency events. Furthermore, reports indicate that China also plans to block more than 120 foreign cryptocurrency trade as part of a wider crackdown. All bans aside, the State Council of China has publicly pushed for the acceleration of the development of blockchain within the country, further defining China's hate-love relationship with new technology.

Bitmain "Investor" Negotiating Association with Pre-IPO: [19659018] After the previous reports of several large companies taking part in a pre-IPO investment round of Bitmain, the story now seems to have changed. Tencent Holdings and SoftBank Group both came out this week denying they had any involvement. It seems that we can erase the lies as false news initiated by a blog focused on IPO on WeChat. Many analysts are wondering if Bitmain's $ 18 billion limit is now drastically overvalued due to the cryptocurrency market crisis.

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