This week in cryptocurrency: 7 September 2018


You Spin Me Right Round Right Right

After a healthy and steady growth over the last two and a half weeks, the cryptocurrency market has catapulted us for a rise, almost 16 percent in one day at the end of this week. The overall market fell from ~ $ 224.5 billion to ~ $ 205 billion over the week. Speculators claim that the decline was caused by news of Goldman Sacks demolition plans for a terminal dedicated to cryptocurrency (later proved false). However, nobody knows for sure.

We check the best coins:

  Bitcoin </b><span style= was the first "performer" to fall 6.99% since last Friday.

Ethereum is demolished again, dropping 20.67% to just over $ 222.

XRP also sees double-digit red in its [19659003] 11.41% free fall. [19659019] Cryptocurrency Market Statistics (9/7/18) "width =" 1370 "height =" 354 "srcset =" -09-07 -09.58.32.png 1370w,×78.png 300w, https: / / /wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Screenshot-2018-09-07-09.58.32-768×198.png 768w, Screenshot-2018- 09-07-09.58.32-874×226.png 874w,×155.png 600w "formats =" (maximum width: 1370 px) 100vw, 1370px “/>

Cryptocurrency Market Stats (9/7/18)

  Domestic Cryptocurrency News

Tags coinbase in Blackrock to help with the ETF: Business Insider reported this week that Coinbase spoke with Blackrock for advice on their alleged crypto-ETF. If you hope for a partnership announcement, you should not be too excited. The talks seem to be the case of the elder brother Blackrock who helps little brother Coinbase overcome the complicated process of the ETF. With nine pseudo-waste of the ETF until now, it is clear that Coinbase wants to do it well with their first swing to the pot.

Satis Group is bullish on Bitcoin (not so much on XRP): Bloomberg Research recently released a Satis Group report, and the discoveries should make you smile. Well, it depends on which coins you support. The report lists positive forecasts for Bitcoin, Monero and Decred which are expected to reach $ 96k, $ 18k and $ 535, respectively, within five years. If you are a Bitcoin Cash or XRP supporter, you may want to stop reading here. Satis Group provides price points of $ 268 for BCH and only $ 0.01 for XRP in the same period.

IBM launches cross-border payment system using Stellar: IBM is continuing their plunge into the blockchain. This time with a complete cross-border payment system, dubbed World Wire. World Wire aims to reduce transfer settlement time around the world from days to minutes. As? Sticking on the back of the Stellar protocol (R & # 39; uh R & # 39; oh Ripple). World Wire now joins the long list of blockchain products that IBM offers or plans to offer over the next two years.

  wire of the world of prestige

Royce Da 5 & # 39; 9 "Give Shoutout to Bitcoin in New Eminem Album: In" Not Alike "by Eminem, released by the album" Kamikaze "recently published , Royce raps, "Everyone used to bite Nickel, Now everyone makes Bitcoins. "Through this sentence, he claims that everyone jumped on the Bitcoin bandwagon just as everyone used to copy or bite his style." C & # 39; mon Royce, not everyone was involved with Bitcoin during the 2017 bull run. Our readers. * The eyes are moving nervously * Just guys? Right?

A couple of guys say that the US Crypto innovation is falling behind The CEO of Ripple Brad Garlinghouse and TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington spoke at the Disrupt TechCrunch on Thursday, sharing their views on the role of America in the big race cryptography.They cite unclear government regulation as the main obstacle to innovation and investments in the US Other fixed points include tax burdens and difficulties in obtaining a visa in the US Thank you, SEC.

What's New in CoinCentral?

Crypto Mining Company in New York gets creative amid rising rates of power: I scream. You cry. We all shout for the extraction of cascading cryptocurrencies.

How Green Power fuels the future cryptocurrency mining: More expensive electricity combined with encryption prices is causing some miners to look for greener pastures.

The biggest gain of the last week: Volcano Coin Up 3,317 Percent: Krakatoa! Find out why Volcano Coin had an eruptive eruption this week.

What is Hexxcoin? | A Beginner's Guide: Rasputin's cryptocurrency, the privacy-focused Hexxcoin is "dead" more than we can count. Read his chess past.

Hashing of Merkle Tree: How the Blockchain Verification Works: Merkle trees are a fundamental blockchain attribute. We provide you with an explanation that is easy to understand.

HSBC is now a competitor in the blockchain technology race: It appears that the "B" is blockchain. Starting off slowly, HSBC is now outperforming their banking counterparts in the blockchain mine.

Because the four big accounting companies take care of Blockchain: We hope not to have you lost in accounting. Blockchain and accounting are actually an exciting couple. We promise you

Interview: Tackling Fake Science with Orvium co-founder Manuel Martin: If you think that false news is a national dilemma, just wait until you hear about scientific issues. Fortunately, Orvium has a solution.

The best EOS delegates of 2018: We classify them, take them. Check out our favorite EOS delegates this year

The Rise and Rise of Cryptojacking: What You Need to Know: At the risk of looking like your mother, you have to be careful out there. Cryptojacking is slowly becoming a digital epidemic – that's what you should know.

How Blockchain is applied to human rights: We all know that blockchain brings a ton of good to the world. But do you know exactly how?

Frodi Blockchain: new policies and technologies to stop cryptographic criminals: Tax evasion, money laundering, terrorist financing: it is a constant push forward between the forces of good and evil.

How to vote for an EOS block producer | Step by step instructions: Step 1. Read this tutorial.

  Cryptocurrency news from around the world

The Petro of Venezuela appears to be smoke and mirrors: Reuters arrived hot at the start of the week with a special report on the Venezuelan national cryptocurrency, the Petro. Launched at the start of this year, Petro is a government-controlled cryptocurrency presumably supported by oil barrels. To anyone's surprise, it does not seem like that. Although President Maduro said that Petro is already in use to pay for oil imports, other senior officials say the technology is still under development.

Iran gives the thumbs up to Crypto Mining: Taking a page from the Star Wars naming manual, the Supreme Council of the Iranian Cyberspace announced the official recognition of the crypto mining as an industry this week. Although this means more regulation in the country, it is a step in the right direction to demonstrate the validity of the Internet magic money described above. Iran has long been an advocate of cryptocurrency, claiming plans that could create a national one to evade US trade sanctions.

The South Korean insurer does risky exchange business: Hanwha Insurance could soon provide cyber security insurance to customers, protecting them from internal encrypted exchange hacks. However, insurance is not for the investor joe schmoe. Instead, they are targeting actual exchanges whose sub-par security practices could cost them millions of dollars in the face of a violation. Already this year, the Korean trades Bithumb and Coinrail had to recover a total of $ 58 million due to hacking.

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