This One Cryptocurrency is Hogging All Limelight in the Crypto Market



While the crypto market is enjoying the green days this cryptocurrency has increased by 75% in the last 20 days while expanding its market and expected to have an active and bright future.


Money for substantial earnings

The cryptography market is having fun because most cryptocurrencies are enjoying the greens. However, there is a cryptocurrency that has attracted a lot of attention and interest from investors, while observing price action.

In tenth place, Monero is the cryptocurrency that has always been a potential investment choice for investors. Now it is gaining attention for many reasons.

For beginners, Monero is a private, secure and non-negotiable currency. Reportedly, it remains 100 percent unreliable and untraceable as well as being resistant to analysis.

If we look at the price of Monero (XMR), at the time of writing, it was trading at $ 139.21 with gains of 1.20% in the last 24 hours. This cryptocurrency with a capitalization of 2.28 billion dollars has recorded good results in terms of price.

In mid-August, its lowest point was $ 79.33. This is when the bulls entered the market and Monero rose along with other cryptocurrencies. It has now increased by over 75% from the lowest by touching $ 140.10 at some point today.

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Source: coinmarketcap .com

Monero has made a huge turnaround that shows interest in the daily chart. However, there is also a lower resistance to the downside and the technical indicators indicate a sales pressure. Furthermore, there is a long-term reversal for this cryptocurrency, since the bulls could, after all, take a break.

That said, positive feelings about XMR and developments can lead to higher prices.

In addition, this altcoin is only 70% less than its historical maximum (ATH) at $ 495 while a number of major cryptocurrencies are available at a discount of more than 90%.

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An active and bright future ahead

Monero captured the limelight as a new study by Satis Group shared a bold bullish forecast for this cryptocurrency. The research provides $ 18,000 for the level to be hit by XMR in the next 5 years adding "cryptographic assets that apply unique value propositions to deep and viral markets". While in 10 years, an increase of $ 39,500 is expected.

Research states in its take-away,

"The currency and privacy networks will be the biggest beneficiaries, since the fundamental value will derive from cases of value use." Continuing further in the report, it is mentioned, " only XMR is much more active in the development of the code base and resistant to centralized mining efforts, it is fungible. "

This research and price prediction of Satis Group played a key role in the promotion Monero price and interest [19659006] In addition, Abra, an encrypted exchange and a wallet that supports Monero (XMR) along with 27 other cryptos have announced that it will now support euro bank accounts ( SEPA ).

A payment system, Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) basically simplifies bank transfers in the EU. It currently supports 28 members of the EU, San Marino, Monaco, Andorra and four states of the European Free Trade Association (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland).

Risk Management

Recently, Redditor, Gattacus published in the Monero community, "Do not use MEGA Chrome Extension version 3.39.4" where he shared screenshots of the wrong codes in the content, which was later announced by Monero on Twitter:

In addition, Changelly, it has been discovered that an encrypted exchange has the ability to steal the scrambled by customers. When a user turned to Reddit to give voice, the exchange spokesperson clarified:

"For all the Monero communities, our risk management system does not mark all transactions correctly."

Further Addition, [19659019] "… Monero is the cryptography that hides a sender and a recipient making transactions untraceable.This [is] is a reason why large quantities of other currencies had to be checked [sic] before of [it’s] converted to XMR. "

In addition, Changelly also clarified that it is not affected by XMR," We have no distrust of and prejudice against users who trade XMR. Know-Your-Customer that we had to implement due to the greater number of money laundering cases through our service. "

Overall, Monero is dominating the encrypted market right now with its performance in terms of price and attraction from investors


  This Cryptocurrency Dangles all the Lights of the Crypto Market


This Cryptocurrency Dangles all the Lights of the Crypto Market


While the cryptography market is experiencing green days this cryptocurrency has increased by 75% over the last 20 days while expanding its market and expecting to have an active and bright future.



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