This is the size of the main camera of the iPhone 12 Pro Max smartphone

This is the main camera size of the iPhone 12 Pro Max smartphone

A teardown carried out by iFixit revealed the main camera dimensions of the iPhone 12 Pro Max smartphone presented this year by Apple from the United States. There is an image with the dimensions of the camera and the main sensor.

It was clear that Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro smartphone in the US had a large main camera, but it has now been revealed exactly how huge that main sensor is.

iFixit has released a teardown of Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max smartphone, a teardown that details the dimensions of that main camera. The camera itself is visibly large, and the size of the Pro Max’s main sensor overshadows the size of the 12 Pro’s main camera, a sensor that can’t be integrated into the 12 Pro due to limited space.

Apple in the US may have had to compromise on a few things to put that lens in the 12 Pro smartphone. Many parts are bulkier too.

Unsurprisingly, the battery is the largest size for any current iPhone at 14.13 Wh (although it falls short of the 11 Pro Max’s 15.04 Wh battery).

However, the speaker and Taptic Engine are also huge compared to the compact parts inside the 12 mini. Apple in the US noticed that it had enough space with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, so it took advantage of it.

Apple’s new Max smartphone has the same level of repair difficulty as the iPhone 12, the glass back being among the only impediments. The teardown done by iFixit indicates that, to get the most advanced photographic technology in the range, you will need to purchase the iPhone 12 Pro Max smartphone.

That doesn’t rule out updates for more compact Apple smartphone models in the future, but the physical limitations can’t be ignored for 2020 models.

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