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This is the central Eln command

The attack that resulted in 21 deaths and more than 60 wounded brought back the guerrillas of the ELN in the eye of the hurricane and their willingness to sit down and seek a solution negotiated to the conflict.

This fact of blood, added to the kidnappings and other criminal acts of the guerrillas, supported the decision of the Iván Duque government not to continue with the dialogues.

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During the period of the government of Iván Duque Márquez, ELN kidnapped nine people, in addition to those previously held. The current figure, according to the High Commissioner for Peace, Miguel Ceballos, is 17 years old.

The government's decision to reactivate the arrest warrants against the Coce opens a new chapter in the fight against terrorism. These are the profiles and records of the guerrilla leadership of ELN.

Nicolás Rodríguez, aka "Gabino"

He was born in San Vicente de Chucurí, in Santander. According to the registers of the authorities, "Gabino" joined the ELN in 1964, at the age of 14, and participated in the first military assaults of ELN in the municipality of Simacota, Santander.

In 1970 he assumed the joint leadership of Eln with Manuel Pérez, aka "El Cura", a Spanish priest who had joined the group in the 60s. After the death of "El Cura" in 1998, "Gabino" became a commander in the head of ELN and is considered as the main strategist of the guerrilla group.

To date he has two sentences, one of 40 years in prison for the massacre of Machuca (Antioquia), where 100 people died and another 30 were seriously injured, after the ELN detonated an explosive charge in the conduit Cusiana – Coveñas near the district of Machuca in the municipality of Segovia.

For these events that were recorded on October 18, 1998, a judge from Medellín declared the central command of ELN as responsible. crimes of rebellion, terrorism, multiple homicides and personal injuries Multiple.

The other sentence was pronounced by a judge of Cali, who condemned alias "Gabino" to 38 years and 5 months in prison for the seizure of 186 people in the church of La María de Cali, May 30, 1999.

On that occasion, the parishioners, including the elderly and children, were kidnapped by the guerrillas who arrived at the temple wearing military clothing and firearms, and forced them to climb on vehicles in which they were taken to the corregimiento of San Vicente and, later, to the Farallones de Cali.

Eliécer Herlinto Chamorro, alias & # 39; Antonio García & # 39;

He is the number two of the National Liberation Army, responsible for the military strategy and arms purchases of the group. He also directs the international relations team and the funds of the group abroad.

Herlinto, a native of Mocoa (Putumayo), joined ELN in 1975 and was the official spokesperson for the group in various peace negotiations between the subversive group and the government. In February 1999, Herlinto and Víctor G. Ricardo, then High Commissioner for Peace, met in Caracas to discuss the final agreements for the National Convention that would be held that year in Colombia, but the negotiations failed.

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In 2000, Chamorro met in Geneva (Switzerland) with the new government peace commissioner, Camilo Gómez, but once again the peace talks were suspended when the guerrilla leader accused the government of supporting the paramilitary groups .

As leader of ELN, alias "Antonio García" has been condemned on numerous occasions by the Colombian justice for acts such as the massacre of Machuca and the hijacking of the flight 9463 of Avianca of 12 April 1999, which covered the route Bucaramanga – Bogotá.

Israel Ramírez, aka "Pablo Beltrán"

He was born in San Gil, Santander. He joined the ranks of ELN in the 1970s after leaving his studies in Oil Engineering.

He is considered the international spokesman for the guerrilla group and has been charged with the abduction of 34 workers of the American multinational oil company Occidental (Oxy) in the department of Arauca in 2001.

The guerrilla action, second & # 39; Pablo Beltrán & # 39 ;, was conducted as a sabotage campaign (against Oxy) and a world campaign so that indigenous communities are not evicted in the lands where it is carried out oil exploitation.

As a member of the ELN Central Command, aka "Pablo Beltrán" was convicted in absentia for terrorist actions by the guerrillas, including the abduction of the Avokca Fokker aircraft.

Rafael Sierra Granados, aka "Ramiro Vargas"

It is one of the oldest guerrilla organizations, with more than 40 years in its ranks. The little one who knows about "Ramiro Vargas" is that he was one of the people responsible for the massacre of Machuca in 1998. He was also legally linked to the abduction of Avianca's plane.

Gustavo Aníbal Giraldo, aka "Pablito"

Alias ​​& # 39; Pablito & # 39 ;, 50 years old, also knows little. I joined ELN in 1997, in Arauquita, and the following year I started commanding the Simacota company that was active in that area.

He was captured on January 8, 2008, but did not last long in prison and did not reach trial.

He fled on October 7, 2009, at a time when he was led by the Inpec guards at Arauca airport. The authorities said they had fled to Venezuela.

Until December 2014, he was head of the Eastern War Front, military bastion of the ELN.

In December 2018, Interpol issued a red circular to locate and capture Giraldo. It is required for the crimes of simple and aggravated kidnapping, even aggravated and simple murder; and qualified and aggravated robbery.

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