This is how Chyno came to perform the therapy that will help him walk again (video)


Venezuelan singer Jesús “Chyno” Miranda, who is recovering after spending a month hospitalized due to a health problem that prevented him from walking, He returned to the health center to follow the therapies that will allow him to regain mobility.

By MiamiDiario Newsroom

Chyno’s critical health was announced on November 9, via a statement released on her Instagram account, where her team explained that she had discomfort in her lower and upper limbs which “They forced him to drastically stop his active exercise life, his daily activities to the point where he could no longer walk.”

This Friday the artist was caught with his wife on their way to the medical health center to continue the treatment. In a video posted on the program’s Instagram The fat and the thin see the artist’s wife, Natasha Araos de Miranda, getting out of the car with him and then taking him to the hospital in a wheelchair.

Chyno has to continue with a long rehabilitation process. Although it has not been revealed what the Venezuelan suffers from, it is known that it is a disease that affects his nervous system.

In this situation, Natasha spoke and said that “love can do anything and win everything”.

In a story posted on Instagram, Natasha revealed a video where you can see some of Chyno’s therapy at home to help him recover.

Connected to an electroshock machine, the artist receives a treatment known as passive gymnastics. This will help firm the muscles to improve mobility.

His wife was instructed to support him in this difficult time “be positive and look at the glass half full, believe in the synchronicity of life which is perfect. Everything, everything, always happens for a reason. It is for our good, to keep changing, to keep evolving, to keep growing, this is what life counts, ”he reflected.

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