This Blockchain project wants to save the rainforest in Peru


The watchman's coin is launched as a way to save the unprotected rainforest.


An entrepreneur in Peru uses the blockchain to create a new initiative that will make biodiversity conservation in the region profitable. He also plans to build a boutique hotel designed by IBUKU, reports

Rafael Benavides is turning 20,000 hectares of property located in one of the few unprotected parts of the rainforest near Tarapoto. The project is called Bosque Guardian and aims to preserve forests near Tarapoto and provide a condominium of cabins around a boutique hotel specializing in nature, conservation and research.

The foundation is launching a cryptocurrency for pioneering a new way of growing finance transparently and encouraging reforestation.

"We are completing our partnership with Chainzilla and Komodo Platform, based on Bitcoin, which means Bosque Guardian will issue a token called Coin Guardian," said Benavides.

With that, they will raise funds to buy the remaining land in the buffer zone and incorporate them into the private storage area. The idea is to issue 20,000,000 worth of coinage coins with a value of $ 1 to sell in more phases. will be able to spend Guardian coins in all facilities, and even spend them to get drone footage of any sector of the project.

He added that they are working with the arch of Ibuku & # 39; Studio & # 39; of Bali, which he described as one of the best architecture firms with bamboo in the world. The project will be located in the buffer zone of the Escalera Mountain Range (first conservation of the country), 45 minutes from the Tarapoto airport.

Benavides explained that the main objective of the project is not to make a huge profit but to protect trees that have not been cut down through a series of sustainable business models that could be replicated throughout the region. The ideas could include a variety of income streams, education of local inhabitants, research laboratories on renewable energy and a strong reforestation program.

For his part, Charles Gonzales, Chainzilla's CEO commented: "Incubating new markets is a priority and we think outside the box when it comes to conservation, because it has become a stale subject: there is a misunderstanding about whether it is exclusively non-profit The Bosque Guardian is a pioneer of a sustainable conservation model that brings us even closer to the conservation of profitable biodiversity. "

Benavides said he understood the potential of the use of distributed blockchains to provide a transparent model of fundraising to acquire more land for conservation. It wants to implement blockchain systems in Peru to expand and exploit the power of digital currencies, including decentralization and liquidity.

"Currently, forests are at the whim of government funding that is minimal and does not encourage people living on earth to keep trees upright," a separate article published in Medium said.

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