This Blockchain event wants to revolutionize the way we work

The Futurama Blockchain Summit also wants to change the way people start.


There are blockchain events and there are blockchain vertices. But have you noticed that these blockchain events are changing the way we work? … And party?

We all know that work can be a bit heavy and cause stress. Or at least it was conceived in such a way that practically from the beginning of time, the human being had to work; Is it right then that the economy should have a revolution now without revolutionizing work?

If we could tell previous generations that the business meetings of the future would take place in a festive environment, with flying vehicles and in the middle of the desert, they would not have believed it. Well, it's time to tell them that the future is here!

Imagine having the opportunity to personally connect with industry leaders, to work with them in a relaxed environment and all this while laying the groundwork for creating the cities of the future, ie smart cities.

The next Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit, or should we say productive festival, will take place on the island of Ibiza from 10 to 13 September. The main topic will be the crypto and blockchain ecosystem for the economy. But why not keep talking about the latest technological innovations? Simple! Because what has been experienced in the first edition has been studied, discussed and approved to be completed. It is for this reason that the community of innovators will now try to lay the foundations of the digital economy that will open the door to the future that awaits us and is already being prepared by the last summit in Dubai.

The Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit Ibiza September 2018 will offer the most relevant topics on bitcoin and altcoin, the adoption and implementation of blockchain for companies and community economies. The fact that this time the event takes place mainly in a large exotic space with forests and villas in the Balearics reminds us that cryptography is made to interconnect people, provide solutions and give everyone the opportunity to go. # 39; agreement.

Among the objects in the agenda that will be treated by the comfort of the Balinese villages in the Balearic forests, will be the subject of centralized exchanges, which are still the main engine of growth of the decentralization movement. It is a paradox, but urgent to solve.

It is no secret to anyone that cryptographic exchanges are almost completely centralized and that their operations are mostly controlled by very few hands. Nobody should lose what is going to be on the table there!

Another important point on the agenda will be the question of legislation and cryptography. This has always been in fashion, but this time promises to offer relevant strategies to complete the massive adoption of blockchain technology. Questions such as "the regulations protect us or control us" will be solved with world-renowned legal experts.

These and other topics will be the highlights of the Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit Ibiza September 2018. That is why this great event promises to be one of the most important ones in the blockchain industry, as comes with revolutionary ideas that try to keep changing the world and making life easier for all of humanity.

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