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They are sent to prison to be captured by the Santander General School

With three tests, the Colombian prosecutor's office supported the reasons why Ricardo Andrés Carvajal Salgar, captured as alleged co-author of the attack with a car bomb in the Santander General School which caused the death of 21 people, including the material author of the deed identified as José Aldemar Rojas Rodríguez said " Mocho "and over 50 injured.

The judicial proceedings that took place this Saturday were conducted with great secrecy because it is a question of national security, however, we might know that during the hearing the Prosecutor's Office has discovered key evidence against who is so far. ; unique captured by the act. terrorist.

The authorities arrived Friday in the warehouse south of Bogotá, where the car with which the attack was carried out was parked in November, after being transferred to the capital from Arauca.

In that place the cellar owner told the researchers that the "Mocho" was the one who hired the cellar and paid several months of rent in one day, but never came back. In addition, the woman said that the person who paid the last rent was the captured man who, he assured, would permanently control the car.

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In this way the authorities found the connection between Carvajal, the vehicle with which they committed the attack, and alias the "Mocho".

On the other hand, the power of attorney has also revealed the recording of an "eavesdropping" on a call where he hears how the man tells another person, who is being persecuted for drug trafficking " , we put the bomb on General Santander.

At around 12:30 the judge has legalized the capture, the search and the seizures.

At 2 o'clock in the afternoon a pause was held in the audience which continued after 3.30 pm. At about 5:10 pm, allegations were filed in which the Prosecutor's Office accused him of co-author of aggravated terrorism crimes, aggravated murder in the case of an attempted aggravated murder, damages to aggravated foreign properties and transport of aggravated explosives. . Carvajal did not accept the allegations.

For all of this, the prosecutor asked that Carvajal be provided with an intramural insurance measure because it is considered a danger to society, a measure that was accepted by the judge, who accepted at the end of the hearing reasonable interference of Carvajal in the attack and decided to send him to preventive detention.

However, at the end of the hearing, which occurred around 10 pm, Carvajal once again claimed to be innocent, not to know the material author of the events and to sympathize with the victims, even if he reiterated those who did not participated in the events.

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