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Theresa May plays ALL THE CARDS – The British Government HAVERS MPs who do not block Brexite – Source News

Attempts by lawmakers to urge the government not to reach Brexite "are extremely worrying," the British government informed.

On Monday, a group of parliamentarians will present a bill that would allow the Brexit to be postponed if the parliament does not approve the withdrawal agreement.

According to the Sunday Times, another group led by Dominic Grieve wants to postpone the Brexit by suspending Article 50.

Downing Street, however, said that it is "crucial" for parliamentarians to respect the outcome of the referendum.


A group of parliamentarians from different sides will present a bill proposing that Britain extend its negotiations with the EU if parliamentarians do not approve of the Brexit agreement. Lawmakers have already rejected the agreement of Prime Minister Theresa May once.

The new bill shows that May needs to get parliamentary support by February 26th.

If the government does not get Parliament's approval, the bill will allow Parliament to vote on the extension of Article 50, which would postpone Brexit and could stop leaving the block without any agreement.

The new bill will be presented by Yvette Cooper and former Secretary of Education Nicky Morgan (Labor Party) and Norman Lamb (Liberal Democrat), among others. Cooper said: "This process is a total disaster and the government runs the risk of achieving a goal without error by mistake, even if this could affect the police and security, it would entail huge costs for industries and food".

According to the Sunday Times, the pro-EU Conservative MP, Dominic Grieve, also drafted a bill to get the suspension of Article 50.

The document shows that Grieve wants his plan to be approved with the support of only 300 parliamentarians, not the majority of the House of Commons. The votes should come from five different parties, but only 10 conservatives would need it.

A UK government source reported that plans to suspend Article 50 or outlaw Brexit inexplicably point out why pro-Brexit legislators must give May permission.

The source said: "The British public opinion has voted to leave the European Union and it is crucial that elected politicians follow this verdict."

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"Any attempt to seize government power to comply with the legal conditions of an orderly exit at this historic moment is extremely worrying," he added.

The source said that the proposed draft laws show that "there is a danger that parliament will block Brexite".

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