There are many people who want me to give up


Fenerbahçe president Ali Koç made statements about the YouTube program he participated in. The highlights of Ali Koç’s statements are as follows:

“We have started well this year. I hope that we will get rid of the pandemic and we hope that we will be champions. We have captured the spirit and atmosphere of the championships that we have achieved in the past years. The 2018 elections were an interesting two days. it was a crowd that didn’t want me to win for absurd reasons, but with an army of 6-7 volunteers. We won after a monthly campaign. But the whole work started after we were elected, of course … “

“After we got our feet off the club, we started the checks. We found incredible payments. As soon as we arrived, we had to make a payment of 20-25 million euros. The situation was much worse than we thought. 80% of the value produced by the club would have gone into debt before entering the safe “

“Even if I put hundreds of millions of dollars in cash, we wouldn’t be able to make a transfer due to UEFA restrictions. This happened not only to us, but to other teams as well. We only came here with our productions without taking new loans. , but from now on it is not possible. 9 years will come and we will be very relieved by the initiative of our state. The important thing here is the cash flow … “

“We have to discipline ourselves and lengthen the time frame. We are lowering the budgets. We will see reasonable levels. Football has become so different that the sponsors want to sponsor all the clubs or they don’t want to be at all.”

“I don’t give up easily. There are many people who want it. There are those who say, ‘We should quit the task as soon as possible, but go to the congress.’ Being worthy of this community is one of my greatest motivations. no personal gains here. I have no financial gains. I’m stubborn. I didn’t even know I was that strong. I tested myself too. “

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