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There are eight meters of drilling and four more to reach Julen

the a driller that began last Saturday to dig a vertical tunnel parallel to the well where it fell for more than a week, Julen reached this Sunday 52 of the required 60 meters. The work continued without stopping all night, but the type of terrain did not help because it is made up of areas with very hard materials. The forecasts, they say, indicate that rescue teams could reach 60 meters on Sunday evening to Monday.

After reaching 60 meters, it will take another nine hours for the miners of the Hunosa Rescue Brigade to descend into a cage and dig a four-meter horizontal tunnel by hand to try and get where it is supposed to be. boy. The work will last a maximum of 24 hours.

According to the calculations of the rescue operation coordinator, Ángel Garcia Vidal, it should not be possible to reach the place where Julen is until Tuesday, El País said.

Several hard rocks continue to appear, making it difficult to operate the machines. See above how the work runs 52 meters deep.

It is recalled that the two-year-old boy fell in the domiga of last week, the 13th, inside a well of water in Malaga, in Spain.

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