The year-over-year growth rate of cumulative profits of industrial firms becomes positive for the first time in the year before they can be stable and achieve long-term stability

Original title: Every hot review 丨 The annual growth rate of cumulative profits of industrial firms turns positive for the first time in the year before they can be stable and long-term

  National statistical officeData released on November 27 show that from January to October, the national scaleindustryenterpriseto reachprofitA total of 5012.42 billion yuan,YoYIncreased 0.7%, the cumulative earnings growth rate from negative to positive for the first time this year.

It is worth noting that, against the backdrop of the continued economic downturn in all countries of the world this year, China is rare for achieving such results. This is also an important achievement for China in coordinating the promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development.strategyResults.

For these results, the National Bureau of Statistics analyzed: “marketDemand and supply on the riseOptimizeindustryThe circulation gradually becomes smooth,Industrial enterprisesProduction and business continued to improve and the recovery in earnings was further consolidated. “

The author believes that on the whole, industrial ChinaCorporate profitsThe momentum of a stable recovery is further consolidated and the growth rate of corporate profits has also increased further, but we cannot relax our vigilance, we must remain sober enough to be able to achieve stability in peace and security.

On the one hand, the global epidemic is at risk beyond expectations, and the global economy could also be hit by the second wave of epidemics and further decline; on the other hand, due to the broad stimulus policies of various countries, sentiment in foreign financial markets increased, which was in line with economic fundamentals. The deviations have increased the risks of the financial market. Although these two aspects are exogenous factors, they can indirectly affect our economy.

Likewise, in the context of China’s economic recovery, there are also endogenous risk factors. The National Bureau of Statistics pointed out:creditsThe rate of growth has increased and the pressure on cash flow has increased, which is not conducive to the continued recovery of production and business operations. “

How can the next economic oneworksChina continues to consolidate the profits of industrial companies, in order to restore the economy to growthMacroeconomic policyAn important point of concern.

The author believes that in the next stage, we must continue to do a solid work of “six stability”, fully implement the task of the “six guarantees” and firmly grasp the expansion of domestic demand in accordance with the new construction development model of an internal cycle as the main body and double national and international cycles. strategyBase point, Excitement continuesMarket OperatorsVitality econsumptionPotential to promote the healthy development of production and operation of industrial enterprises.

Specifically, the primary factor is still the prevention and control of epidemics. As winter approaches, all sectors of society still need to remain vigilant, continue building an epidemic prevention and control network, and ensure that there is no second wave of epidemics in our country, which can provide a solid foundation. for economic growth.Based on the fact that the epidemic does not occur repeatedly, make sure thatinvestment, Consumption eExportThe abundant power of the troika is the key to economic growth.

At the moment, investments, consumption and exports are all in constant recovery. From January to October, Chinese investment increased 1.8% year-on-year. Among these, the three main investment areas:real estateInvestments, infrastructure investments eproductionInvestments are increasing. At the same time, consumption also increases. In October, ChinaTotal retail sales of social consumer goodsWith a 4.3% year-on-year increase, the growth rate has accelerated by 1 percentage point since September. In terms of exports, from January to October, the total value of Chinese exports increased by 0.5%. October also turned positive for the first time in the year.

It is worth noting that the number of epidemics in European and American countries has been gradually increasing recently, which leads to uncertainty on Chinese exports. To address this uncertainty, we must start from two aspects. On the one hand, based on the export market trend in the first three quarters of this year, the impact of the epidemic on exports is more of a structural change. Some sectors have been severely affected, while others have experienced substantial growth, which in turn forces companies to actively adapt strategies, such as increasing exports of epidemic prevention materials, home appliances, laptops and mobile office equipment.

On the other hand, countries that have been severely affected by the second wave of the epidemic in the near future may again fall into the suspension of production and production, which also creates opportunities for the transfer of orders from abroad to the domestic. Chinese companies need to be good at seizing such opportunities. We must use Chinese manufacturing as Provide strong epidemic protection globally.

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