The XRP security of CoinBase or Ripple?

What would happen if the SEC decided to declare XRP a security ? It's an easy but complicated question, especially when there's a lot at stake. This is what Brad Garlinghouse had to face answered this rather curious question from TechCrunch editor Mike Butcher at the Disrupt conference held in San Francisco. At the conference there was Mike Arrington, former editor of the technology magazine and founder of the Arrington Crypto Fund. Mike has never been shy about declaring his admiration for the efficiency of XRP and the character of Brad, his friend. In fact, your fund uses XRP as a base.

XRP is a 'utility'

Surprisingly, this is not the first time that the CEO is asked for clarifications on the SEC vision of the XRP. The questions continue to flow especially now that Ripple is handling court cases and CoinBase's refusal to add XRP despite the overwhelming demand from the community. His answers as usual are eloquent, clear and direct to the point: XRP is not a security that reiterates. And it was a perfect platform to process more considering the arguments before the group of experts made reference to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) which often represents investors, the influence of Bitcoin as pioneering cryptocurrency and the emergence of crypto-libertarians.

Mass adoption to decouple the XRP BTC report

In a bear market, the influence of Bitcoin prices has been profound and, recently, it has sunk ten percent by dragging the 39; whole market with it. This type of mating and domino relationship between the prices of Bitcoin and XRP is what Brad wants to see its end and believes that the only way for consumers is the use of XRP for the regulation of daily activities . From its projection, it will take a long time but this is the only way to decouple but in the meantime remain as digital resources.

Ripple an Independent Company

However, defining them as an asset does not mean that XRP is a security. He explained to the panel that XRP and Ripple are two distinct entities with different investors. The Ripple company, for example, has invested in Google Ventures and a couple of banks while XRP is a product of Ripple Labs, a separate company. The XRP as a facilitating currency does not confer Ripple's ownership or profitability or voting rights as a share in the regulated companies SEC.

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