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The XRP price drops by 8% after Ripple announced xRapid, inverted trend?

Although Swell's recent conference brought the news that many XRP fans were waiting for, the price of the token failed to rise. The news of the launch of xRapid has rocked the cryptosphere and XRP has suffered a loss of over 8%, making it the biggest loser in the top 10.

The currency, which ended September 2018 with an increase of 80%, is slowly canceling its gains over time. It was trading at $ 0.51 on September 26th and proceeded to see an increase to $ 0.53 on the same day. This was followed by an hike to $ 0.56 a few hours later

The day after, the price of the XRP fell to $ 0.50, only to see another increase to $ 0.55 on September 28th. It fell to $ 0.52 later that day, and climbed back to $ 0.57 on September 29th.

It hit $ 0.61 on September 30th and continued its downward movement. October 1 fell to $ 0.56, leaving many investors to take off.

He made an excursion immediately after $ 0.59 on the same day, before dropping to $ 0.51 on October 3rd. Now he is slowly trying to recover the $ 0.51 level.

The technicians are also demonstrating a bleak outlook for the currency, as it broke under two of its most integral trend lines. $ 0.572, $ 0.54 are the two limits for money. $ 0.512 is an important trend line for the currency right now, with the $ 0.48 and $ 0.44 lines providing additional support.

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