The world's most expensive CryptoKitty sold for 600 ETH ($ 170,000)


The 896,775th CryptoKitty sells for 600 ETH

Image courtesy of Axiom Zen

Even in the midst of a bear market, some users still seem to want to pour their hard cryptographic funds into popular DApp and smart contracts. As reported by CNET, the 896,775th CryptoKitty, called Dragon, was just sold for 600 Ethereum (ETH) or the equivalent of $ 172,000 at the time of sale.

At first glance, Dragon may not seem anything special, since the "only" digital kitten has brown eyes, a scaled tail and gaudy features that are common in the elite of the CryptoKitty world. It is also a ninth generation in the world of digital kittens, which is important to emphasize because the most numbered generations are often non-appealing purchases for CryptoKitty collectors.

And the description of Dragon on the CryptoKitties website does not seem to add to the appeal of buying it as well. The description of Dragon reads:

Greetings. I'm Drago. I bit Rebecca Black when I was younger, but those days are gone. Believe it or not, spying on neighbors is really hilarious. You should try a little bit of time. We connect on ICQ.

With these characteristics in mind, some asked why the buyer decided to buy this seemingly trivial creation.

Was it a fat-fingered mistake? Did you buy the wrong cat? Is it a form of money-laundering enabled for blockchain? Is there something we do not know about the cat's features?

Regardless of this, Tuesday night, a mysterious user who came near the handle Rabono bought the ERC-721 cat for the aforementioned sum of 600 ETHs, making Dragon the most expensive kitten to ever be sold in the DApp-based game. The title was previously held by founder Cat # 18 (Gen 0), sold for 253 ETH ($ 110,000 at the time of sale) at the top of the CryptoKitties craze in December.

CNET journalists questioned Axiom Zen, the organization behind Project CryptoKitties, on the purchase. But to the surprise of some, Axiom has revealed that company policies limit representatives to publicly comment on interesting purchases.

However, representatives of the company have noted that it could be a multitude of reasons why Rabono may have decided to buy # 896,775, adding, "perhaps there was a personal connection that the buyer had with the cat or with the seller … Perhaps they, actually have appreciated the appearance of CryptoKitty. "

To give the incredible figure of $ 170,000 a little bit. context, the median price of a CryptoKitty is $ 9, while the average price paid is $ 60, making the purchase of Dragon above as a sore thumb, to say the least

Crazy Purchases apart, many hope that the game CryptoKitties will see a revival within the next few months because, as reported by Ethereum World News earlier, the DApp have recorded a generalized downturn, with a number of active users down by 56% overall and of over 96% for the CryptoKit game of ties alone. So the purchase of Dragon by Raban will trigger the next cryptoKitties craze? For now it seems that only time will tell.

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