The world's first real estate blockchain platform


LONDON, September 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Block Estates recently announced that it is creating the world's first blockchain global real estate platform that will allow a wide range of transactional capabilities using encrypted currencies and fiat combined with secure blockchain technology and smart contracts. Rob Tomkins, Cofounder and Co-Chief Operating Officer stated that all this can be done while maintaining the best security measures available.

"All this can be done while maintaining the best security measures available"

Block Estates plans to initially launch tokenised real estate investments with asset-backed investors can access with the purchase of complaint security tokens Block Estates ERC20. Token holders will enjoy the benefits that will be associated with Block Estates security tokens including income, profit sharing and potential price appreciation.

Block Estates' overall business model includes the creation of a real estate ecosystem powered by a blockchain platform. This will provide a frictionless, borderless and efficient system to facilitate a wide range of real estate services where transactions between the parties will be undertaken in real time using a secure and secure system.

"Token holders will enjoy the benefits of being linked to Block Estates security tokens including income, profit sharing and potential appreciation of the symbolic price."

The introduction of vertical tokenised services in addition to investments is expected to improve our service offering and position Block Estates to become a global leader in the real estate Blockchain market.

The Company has stated that the development of the platform will be undertaken in three phases with the development of phase 1 at an advanced stage in September 2018. The launch of the Block Estates beta platform with the initial investment features is expected at the end of 2018 with greater functionality progressively added. Steps 2 and 3 will further expand the functionality of the platform and facilitate a wide range of services, including investment, management, trading and monitoring of real estate assets. Block Estates aims to achieve this through the development of a proprietary blockchain platform

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Block Estates is developing a real estate investment platform for the blockchain era that will offer investors direct access to an innovative, profitability and asset class supported by real estate investments in which to invest. Investments will be launched in the main global markets and investors will have access to both domestic and international investments through the Block Estates platform. An initial portfolio of real estate assets will be guaranteed, tokenised and made available for investment during the STA of Block Estates. Investors wishing to participate in the STO can simply purchase tokens from the Block Estates website. Tokens will be implemented through Ethereum Smart Contracts and will be ERC20 compliant. Following the STO, we intend to list tokens on an exchange of digital tokens to provide commercial liquidity.

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