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The words of the Arab foreign ministers at the Arab economic summit

The session was opened by the Minister of State for African Affairs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ahmed bin Abdul Aziz, who stressed in his speech the acumen of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to continue working to support joint Arab economic action and the implementation of the commitment in this sense.

Qattan gave the Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil the presidency of the current session.

Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Migrants Gibran Bassil in his speech to embrace Lebanon and said:

Embrace it and leave it, it has never challenged any of you and never used to any Arab citizen, but it has been a shelter and protector of the preservation of your people and of the reconstruction of your countries and of the diversity of your cultures and cultures. 39. an oasis of love and hospitality to you and praise to you and to your presence.

He thanked the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for presiding over the previous summit and its efforts, and thanked all the countries that participated at any level, despite the bad conditions surrounding our region and our country, and we are partly responsible.

"We face major challenges from wars (in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Libya), malnutrition (in Somalia and Sudan), poverty in most of our countries, despite its wealth, ignorance of modern life despite our knowledge, intolerance, extremism and terrorism, We are responsible for the increase of our economic and social problems, because instead of joining forces to solve them, we are more divided to become bigger, and the solidarity allowance to alleviate their effects will allow us to wage wars one against the other to increase their misery ".

"There is no future without development and no horizon without development, life moves quickly and if we do not digest with the train of development and knowledge, we will lose what we have left and will make our societies more radicalized by the extremism and terrorism from our unifying enemy We will inevitably have an Arab spring, but a western winter, and it will continue to be hard ".

"We do not want to defend one another or reject our enemy, which should be shared, a political principle is necessary to ensure political stability is the basis of economic prosperity," he said.

He stressed that "Syria is the biggest gap today in our conference, and feeling the weight of its space rather than feeling the lightness of its existence, Syria must come back to us to stop the loss of ourselves, before stopping them. Syria must be in our knees instead of throwing it into the arms of terrorism, waiting for permission or permission to return, so as not to register a historical shame by suspending its belonging to an external order and executing it with a & # 39; external authorization, so as not to be allowed later to fight terrorism or to face an enemy or to maintain independence and to ask what remains of our Arabism that we were.I ask you today, what is our university? , and where is the crowd? And boycott and reduction instead of reinforcement and suspension, so that our children will not ask us tomorrow, why did you keep this university if it was p er distinction?

Address of the Secretary-General

The Secretary General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, gave a speech in which he congratulated "the Lebanese Republic for presiding over the fourth economic and social development".

"The enormous challenges facing the Arab region in terms of development require us all to crystallize new visions and propose innovative ideas that are not just about the present and its concerns, but also focus on the future and its rapid developments in technology. , science, economics, production and artificial intelligence: the equations of production and the change of revolution radically transform us into a true revolution defined by some as the fourth industrial revolution: cooperation with these rapid developments represents a challenge for the Arab region and we must face it and prepare us for its needs ".

He stressed that "every Arab country can not cope with these enormous economic and scientific developments individually, the economic integration and coordination of policies in various aspects of development and various productive activities have become a necessity and not a luxury".

He explained that: "The proposed agenda includes the presentation at the Summit of a series of important topics related to Arab integration in various aspects of life, economic and social activity, including initiatives and strategies in the field of security food, energy, poverty eradication and protection of women, making and moving from study and thinking to implementation on the ground as the motto of this conference and this summit is.

He stressed that "the aspiration of the Arab peoples towards a better future entails more opportunities and faster development rates reflected on the human being and the standard of living, and requires all of us to act responsibly to be a summit. on development and decisions that translate into a qualitative leap on the path of Arab development and in a way that responds to the aspirations of the Arab citizen and responds to its ambitions ".

Minister for Foreign Affairs of Jordan

Jordanian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ayman Safadi, gave a speech in which he said: "Our economies, because our security and stability are interdependent, they depend on one another, and our paths of development are strengthened and developed through the institutionalization of economic cooperation mechanisms in the framework of a global vision of the benefits of achieving economic integration in maximizing our economic results and plans.Farmability and commercial and political volatility. "

Safadi hoped that "this summit will provide a break to assess the state of our economic relations in order to identify the obstacles to its development and agree a roadmap that allows for the complementarity and development of the legislation that governs them and the stability because has common advantages and encourages the private sector to increase its investments and trade ".

He added: "The Israeli occupation remains the biggest threat to regional security and the main cause of tensions and instability that hinder overall economic development".

He also said that "there must be an Arab action that re-launches international political efforts aimed at resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on the basis of the two-state solution in accordance with international legitimacy resolutions and the initiative of Arab peace that was launched here by Beirut, and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state on the 4 June 1967 line with East Jerusalem as its capital ".

"There is no global peace without satisfying all the legitimate rights of the Palestinian fraternal people and resolving all issues related to the final status, first of all the refugee issue, which guarantees the right of return and compensation in accordance with resolutions of legitimacy international, in particular Resolution 194 ".

Safadi stressed that the Syrian crisis is still in the process of bleeding, death, displacement and displacement. We must stop the suffering of our brothers and there must be an active positive Arab role in efforts to reach a political solution to the crisis in accordance with the resolution 2254 accepted by the Syrians and preserve the unity of Syria and achieve national reconciliation and restore the security and stability of Syria and its role in the region and the common Arab action system.

There must also be a tragedy in Yemen: there are efforts we must take to resolve the crisis in accordance with Resolution 2216 and the outcomes of the national dialogue and the Gulf Initiative as a result of the implementation of the agreement. of Stockholm and solve the Libyan crisis so that the unity of Libya and its security and its liberation from terrorism are also a basic stabilizing factor for our Arab world and its development process ".

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mauritania

Mauritania's Foreign Minister Ismail Ould Cheikh said in his speech: "We seek solidarity and common efforts to improve the conditions of development of our Arab peoples and it is a priority to think differently about ways to increase the pace of economic development and In Palestine, it is no longer desirable that all means be left to the unarmed Palestinian people and deprive them of their most basic rights to live in dignity and endure every effort in their efforts to establish their national state Stqlh according to Arabic and references relevant international standards. "

He added: "One of the most important trends at the moment is to necessarily focus on all the efforts that will promote and promote Arab investment at all levels, and we should develop plans and strategies to participate in reconstruction efforts in some Arab countries, the real difficulties over time Especially in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Libya and Somalia ".

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Palestine

The Palestine Foreign Minister, Riyad al-Maliki, said in a speech that:

"The Arab nation must take its role in making the decision of the international community at all levels: we must use our economic strength to protect Arab national security and agree a respectable strategy to protect our Arab national security, land and places First of all, and then the balanced partnership with regional and international actors and the appropriate influence in this world. "

He added: "The Israeli occupation also has catastrophic economic effects and high costs for the Palestinian people and the Arab nation. Subsequent occupation governments are pursuing policies and systematic plans to stifle the Palestinian economy, plundering the wealth and natural resources of the Palestinian people from water, gas and agricultural land, and the siege and closure of many Palestinian areas, in addition to the theft and the ebonization of holy places and the great Arab cultural heritage in occupied Palestine, one of the most dangerous policies of Israeli occupation with an economic impact, the construction and expansion of illegal settlements and the denial of the use of the Palestinian people. And the investment and reconstruction of over 60% of the West Bank (Area C and Valle del Giordano), limiting the freedom of movement of individuals and intra-Palestinian trade with the Arab countries and the world, strangling the tur ism in Palestine, stealing Palestinian people's funds directly through the confiscation of customs and tax funds, The separation wall, which is the systematic destruction of the Palestinian economy, the strangling of the West Bank, the confiscation of Palestinian land and denial of access to it, are also the ills of our people in the Gaza Strip as a result of the 12-year siege, despite the efforts of successive Palestinian governments to alleviate the suffering of our people. Sector spending more than $ 15 billion at that time. All this is part of the Israeli systematic practices that undermine the Palestinian people's right to development, which is an inalienable right. "

He stressed that the Palestinian people will not succumb to projects of settlement, colonization, Judaism, identity fraud, war crimes, human rights violations, apartheid, murder and imprisonment, nor will the State of Palestine surrender to the project of Israeli racist exploitation and aims to absorb and loot all Palestinian economic, agricultural and development capabilities. Contractual relations with the Israeli occupation, and soon we will begin to review the economic relations with the Israeli occupation, which is governed by the Paris Economic Protocol, which has damaged Palestinian economic interests for many years.

"Palestine is the home of peace, and we are a nation that presented a peace initiative 17 years ago, but peace needs strength and will, and it is time to use and use our economic capabilities to defend our rights and interests and our national security.The city of Jerusalem is the capital of the eternal state of Palestine.The last of which was a racist appeal by a member of the Israeli municipality to demolish parts of the walls of the holy city in a plan designed to strike one of Jerusalem's cultural, political and legal landmarks. "He said.

On behalf of the Arab League, he invited the Federative Republic of Brazil to respect international law and resolutions of international legitimacy that established the special legal status of the city of Al-Quds Al-Sharif, and invite them to maintain political and economic relations with the Arab countries; The legal status of the city of Al-Quds Al-Sharif, above all because the commercial exchange between the Arab countries and Brazil is about 26 billion dollars.

He stressed that the State of Palestine needs its Arab brothers at the level of countries and also the private sector to support its promising economy, which contains good investment opportunities in all areas and regulated by laws and incentives that encourage Arab investment. , necessary to support the firmness of the Palestinian people and the creation of jobs for young people. Palestinian conflict, which supports the steps of the State of Palestine in its economic separation from the occupation, which will contribute to the achievement of Palestinian economic independence.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iraq

Iraqi Foreign Minister Mohammad Ali Hakim gave a speech in which he said: "My government underlines the importance of food security as one of the pillars of security and stability in our Arab region, considers the need to adopt a Arab integration plan aimed at Arab citizens and focuses on the provision and protection of Arab food security, Hunger, disease and destitution, as well as the implementation of appropriate social protection systems and measures for all The Arab strategy for the Sustainable energy 2014-2030 is one of the important pillars of sustainable development and improvement of the Arab citizen economically and socially.A joint electricity Arab, my government submitted a proposal for connecting the electricity grid to Iraq, Jordan and Egypt in achieving many of the benefits of economic and social benefits for Arab citizens, and Iraq have f a memorandum of understanding on the creation of the Arab common market for electricity in April 2017. "

He added: "Tourism is the cornerstone for introducing the diverse Arab cultural heritage of which the Arab citizen is proud, requiring all of us to move towards the search for common ground for the development and promotion of inter- order to preserve it and invest it in order to achieve great economic development.The rebuilding of the University of Mosul and supporting the inclusion of the effects of Babylon in the list of global human assets and calls for Iraq and to Arab and Islamic countries and organizations and civil society organizations to shoulder their responsibilities and provide funding for the implementation of 2013 to the Strategic Development Plan in East Jerusalem, aimed at protecting the its holy places and the firmness of its people in front of the Israeli piracy operations aimed at changing the demographic identity of the Holy City and supports Iraq siblings in occupied Palestine to achieve their legitimate inalienable rights and the independent state of Jerusalem as its capital.

He added: "We see that the refugee problem has begun to obscure the host countries and is a humanitarian concern, so Iraq is proposing to implement a number of development projects in the host countries, including Lebanon and Jordan to help to finance and provide support to these projects to alleviate the economic and social burden of these countries.As regards the scourge of poverty, which affects some of our Arab countries, particularly those suffering from armed conflicts, Iraq participated in group meetings on the preparation of the Arab strategic framework for poverty eradication, multidimensional nationally, Iraq has drawn a line The development plan for the years 2018 to 2022 aims to achieve a growth rate of 7% Iraq also seeks to significantly reduce poverty by 2030 by developing a plan in the light of the 2030 sustainable development goals. "

He added that "Arab cooperation in various sectors such as electricity, railways, land and sea transport and air transport should be facilitated in order to facilitate the movement of goods and goods between Arab countries and raise trade barriers" .

He called for "the strengthening of Arab regional integration in the field of foreign trade, in particular the Greater Arab Trade Zone, and the development of methods of production and marketing of Arab products and to make them competitive in the global market, thus facilitating their integration in global value chains ".

Minister for Foreign Affairs of Djibouti

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Djibouti, Mohamed Ali Yousif, said: "The growing challenges and exceptional circumstances in our Arab region require us to face them in a collective way, and this will only happen through the development of joint Arab action mechanisms and the formulation of global strategic solutions that guarantee our goals, and in this regard we call for the need to unify efforts and take practical steps that meet the level of challenges and meet aspirations.

He added: "Given the availability of economic integration among our Arab countries, we are called to speed up the pace of establishing this integration, which is an indispensable necessity and we hope that our current summit is an important step towards achieving that high goal that we all want ".

He stressed that "the refugee crisis in the Arab world needs a serious pause and radical solutions and encourages a dignified return to their countries of origin through a deliberate plan and create the conditions conducive to this return," he said: "To as regards Arab food security, it should coordinate our national policy so as to be able to set up a reserve for Arab strategic food for the Arab countries in crisis ".

Representative of the Republic of Somalia

The Representative of the Republic of Somalia, Minister of Finance Abdulrahman Bailey, underlined the support of the Arab brothers and the Arab League for the Federal Republic of Somalia and the fraternal right to reach the priorities of the development plan and to face the security challenges , economic and social.

And he called for "support to the state budget to implement the League Council resolution at the summit level in Sharm El Sheikh No. 626 of 29/3/2015 and confirmed by the resolution of the summit of Oman No. 683 of 29 / 3/2017 and from the Jerusalem summit in Dhahran No. 718 of 15/4/2018, and all "These decisions have underlined the provision of urgent financial support of $ 10 million a month for one year through the support account for Somalia currently open in the Secretariat to support the budget of the Somali government ".

He concluded by saying: "Finally, we ask all Arab countries to release those debts from us, and in this you are all thanks and gratitude, and we look forward to the Arab Summit and all our brothers a time of stability, progress and prosperity".

Minister of Industry and Trade of Yemen

For his part, the Minister of Industry and Commerce of the Republic of Yemen, dr. Mohammed Al-Maitami said in his speech: "The resumption of the Arab economic and social development summit after a six-year pause is a translation of the political will in the Arab countries on the importance of putting development as a hub for our Arab common work: Reaching social well-being and increasing trade and exchange of experience and building on common interests is the right approach to political rapprochement and solving environmental crises and integrating security to address the challenges that our Arab region must face.

He added: "There is no hidden crisis in Yemen due to the bloody coup d'état of the militia huthi in September 2014 and its abduction of state institutions, starting with an Iranian foreign agenda. not just Yemen, but the Arab countries in general and the resulting economic and humanitarian crises The situation in Yemen is the worst humanitarian disaster in the world since the Second World War. "

واكد ان "الحرب العبثية التي شنتها ميليشيات الحوثي الانقلابية على الشعب اليمني انتجت واقعا مأساويا على الاصعدة كافة, والارقام التي تعلنها الامم المتحدة ووكالاتها المتخصصة مفزعة, فهناك 22 مليون انسان أصبحوا تحت خط الفقر وبحاجة الى مساعدات انسانية, وانكمش الاقتصاد اليمني بواقع 50% وفقد 40 % من اليمنيين لمصادر دخلهم, كما ان هناك عجزا حادا في الخدمات التعليمية والصحية ".

ولفت إلى أن "الحكومة اليمنية في وضع صعب ومعقد وتبذل جهودا جبارة لمعالجة ما انتجته الحرب من دمار, وقد شرعت في جهود اعادة الاعمار والتعافي في الجمهورية اليمنية, ونتطلع الى ان يتم وضع استراتيجية عربية مشتركة وبدعم من الجامعة العربية تعني بمساندة اليمن ومساعدة الحكومة اليمنية في النهوض بالانسان اليمني وتحقيق تطلعاته, وان تقدم الدول العربية الشقيقة التسهيلات اللازمة لبناء الانسان اليمني, ومن ذلك تسهيل التحاقه بالجامعات ومراكز التعليم وان يتم معاملته معاملة المواطنين, وتسهيل اجراءات سفر وتنقل رجال الاعمال والطلاب والمواطنين اليمنيين الى مختلف الدول العربية والمساهمة في تنمية المشاريع الصغيرة والاصغر, وتقديم الدعم في مجالات التدريب الفني والمهني وغيرها من المجالات ".

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