The woman who made love to Pepe even though the artist was still married. Who is Laura, actually?


Pepe was kicked off the TV by one of his mistresses. When did it all happen and where did the hot parties take place between them? The famous Latin singer was then having an affair.

Lover gave him a goal! Pepe was unfaithful

The past of the jury of the “Nex Star” show is upset after her statement that she is divorcing the mother of the children. The sudden and unexpected separation between Pepe and Raluca Pastramă brought to light some situations with which the soloist he couldn’t brag like the episode in which his mistress told the details of the period in which they had seen each other. It all happened when the star was with Oana Zăvoranu. In the past Laura accepted Mădălin Ionescu’s invitation to appear on TV to clear up the mystery. It is also rumored that Oana wouldn’t be the only one she cheated on, but Raluca too, after details of Pepe’s adventure with a sexy patron appeared. The statements of the former lover were made in the fall of 2011, the year in which the soloist separated the actress from “Sacrifice” with great scandal.

In the interview, Laura told how she was approached as a man in 2004, when a friend of the artist invited her to the hotel room of the Neptun resort to have an intimate relationship with the soloist. “I had a sexual relationship with Pepe while he was at the beginning of his relationship with Oana Zăvoranu. I was at sea and he sent me a guy from the band and invited me to Pepe’s room. I had sex with him out of curiosity, but I he left a bad taste in my mouth. I asked for his phone number, but he didn’t give it to me because he said he was in a more serious relationship. After the adventure in Neptune, we found ourselves in a hotel in Bucharest “, Laura told the show “Right to the target” presented by Mădălin Ionescu on Kanal D.

Laura, the woman who claimed to have been Pepe's lover during her relationship with Oana Zăvoranu
Laura, the woman who claimed to have been Pepe’s lover during her relationship with Oana Zăvoranu

“I confess that the rest doesn’t matter anymore”

“The hardest part was talking to the children. After crossing this threshold, I confess that the rest does not matter. By mutual agreement, because it should have been, we will go to the notary and there is no cause, litigation or other speculation. From my point of view, there is no main reason, real reason, but if it is no longer possible, it is no longer possible. What can we do? I tried, I did my best, if you can’t, you can’t. Raluca and I communicate well. See you every day. The children go to kindergarten every day, I sleep with me, I sleep with Raluca “

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