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The woman dives with a huge white shark

At two and a half and fifty years, the shark is estimated. It is said that the female appeared suddenly when other sharks ate the carcass of a sperm whale. For a whole day, the shark has spent peacefully with the researchers,

The shark female, about six meters long, suddenly appeared, like other sharks in front of the island of Oahu, the carcass of a sperm whale, while the professional diver Ocean Ramsey told the newspaper "Honolulu Star" Adviser ". He called the predatory fish, otherwise feared, a "gentle giant".

When White Hai emerged, much smaller tiger sharks gathered around the carcass would have broken up, expert Hai Ramsey told the paper. The huge woman rubbed herself on the diver's boat.

"He was just a big, nice and kind giant who wanted to use our boat like a scratching post," Ramsey said. The divers spent the day swimming with the Great White Shark, taking impressive pictures of the animal.

Ramsey has estimated the age of the shark for at least 50 years and weighs two and a half tons. The white shark was "terribly wide" and probably pregnant, he said. White Shark offspring grow in eggs, but these remain until hatching in the mother's body.

The female was similar to "Deep Blue", the white-billed female female who shot a documentary a few years ago and has her Twitter account, most recently near the island of Guadeloupe spotted off the west coast of Mexico.

In the waters around the US state of Hawaii, white sharks are rarely spotted, because the animals are actually too hot there.

The white sharks, known in technical terms as Carcharodon charcharias, belong to the cartilaginous fish and can reach a length of seven meters. With their razor-sharp teeth, they can also kill people. The fear of predators was further fueled by Steven Spielberg's blockbuster "The White Shark" from 1975.

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