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The Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum seems to free the air from its involvement with OMISE (OMG) and its failures


In 2017, OmiseGo it was among the most publicized project on the crypto verse. They had a strong team and also ties to the crypto icon, Vitalik Buterin. This ensured that OmiseGo was one of the most promising encryption projects of the year.

However, things began to go south shortly thereafter. The councilors for the project slowly calmed down. In addition to this, the team proved that they were not able to keep their promises and the community was divided into greedy believers and severe critics.

Recent Happenings

In a recent interview full of uncomfortable laughter, OMG CEO Jun Hosegawa had few concrete plans. It has not clarified the direction of the project. Combined with his casual approach at the whole interview, this left most of the rather angry OMG community. Hosegawa even claimed that Buterin had only a secondary role in writing the whitepaper and nothing else.

Buterin answers

Buterin is not going to take this lying down and answered on Reddit. He provided clear clarifications on his role in the project, which was the opposite of what Hosegawa said.

Vitalik said he helped create the plasma white paper. He also said that he played a crucial role in the Plasma implementation team, he participated in the discussions on the release strategy, on DEX design and much more. Buterin said that part of the work done in the project did not fall into any category. He was also an active participant in the development of the exchange. Vitalik said he would not allow them to use his name indiscriminately to promote the project if he only wrote the white paper.

The community response

Several other members have been able to see through the OMG lies and have had many unfavorable things to say. One claimed to have been an important promoter of the project, but now he was in danger. He was angry because Jun had not explained anything tangible to the community or to those who wished to join the project. He concluded that the community should not praise anything that happened, just because they were eager to get some puff of information from the creators.

Another user, responding to Vitali Reddit, said that the subreddit was dedicated exclusively to trawling by OMG. And those who invested in the highly speculative asset were also used to troll. Now, these people blamed the team for their mistakes. He added that anyone who did research on OMG could say that Vitalik contributed more than just white paper.

He added that he was grateful to Vitalik for all he did to improve society. Then he wished him good luck in any future project. He told Vitalik to visit the official OMG subtitle if he wanted a serious discussion on the matter.

OMG Woes

In the recent past, OMG it has been in free fall both in terms of trust and performance on the market. Although the crypto world is used to disappointment, OMG has done its best to do it.

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