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The Venezuelan of the thousands of coats

Cesar A. Sabogal R. / Washington

In Washington, an American internationalist of a Venezuelan father, Cuban mother and Colombian husband have lobbies with authorities, NGOs and visitors to Latin American governments against the regime of Nicolás Maduro, while coordinating the delivery of thousands of hands to those who arrive every day in Cúcuta to cross the terrifying wasteland of Berlin, in the eastern cordillera.

Carla Bustillos works from Washington in the "Visión Democrática" organization.César Sabogal

When he speaks in Spanish he exaggerates his Venezuelan accent despite the fact that from that country he has only a vague but happy memory of the seven years of his childhood disappearance between the plains of Portuguesa and Barquisimeto. He never came back.

Carla Bustillos was born in Washington, the city where her parents arrived thanks to the Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho grant granted by former governments to that of Hugo Chávez, in times of oil boom. Today, from "Visión Democrática", he is one of the strongest detractors of the Nicolas Maduro regime. "Our work focuses on connecting the Venezuelan diaspora with the social and economic development of Venezuela and channeling the exodus of Venezuelan talent in favor of the social and moral rebuilding of the country," he says.

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This non-profit American foundation has been active in Washington since 2001. Among its most successful programs is the promotion of low-income young Venezuelans to train in UN-funded skills and seek to improve their job opportunities. Furthermore, it strengthens the sectors of opposition to the Maduro regime.

"In the immediate future, we try to alleviate the humanitarian crisis by subsidizing the supply of food to the children's canteens and ensuring the provision of vaccines and medical assistance to more than 700 children living in Venezuela." They also finance "the migration that is taking place on foot".

"We finance organizations that receive Venezuelans in Cúcuta, such as Casa Venezuela, which is a relief area, where migrants receive medical care and the necessary clothing to cross the páramo.The last year we distributed a thousand shelters and soon we will double that figure, thanks to the donations that American (US) families send us from different cities ".

But if the work of this woman, a graduate in international affairs at the American University, is uncomfortable for the current Venezuelan regime, her lethal weapon is given by her ability to put pressure on a political transformation in Venezuela . Young, beautiful, enthusiastic and influential, Carla moves "like a fish in the water" in the political spheres of Washington to put pressure on Maduro's exit.

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"We are present in all the spaces for discussion: the Congress, the international organizations, the visit of the continent's personalities … we do not spare efforts or opportunities for the end of the irregular situation and the lack of democratic nature in Venezuela".

His leadership was transformed into two Venezuelan demonstrations in front of the White House, the United States Congress and, the previous week, in front of the iconic OAS building, when most of the continent's countries ignored the new presidential term supported by the successor of Hugo Chávez The main resistance centers in Maduro, in the United States, are in Washington, Miami, Boston, New York, Houston and Atlanta.

"I admit that I have the privilege of being born, growing up and working in a country that respects citizens' guarantees and my right to protest, and my commitment, since 2001 until the situation in Venezuela changes, is to do it for the defense freedom of expression and democracy It would be a shame not to use my privilege to live in a city that is the global political epicenter to help my parents' country, "he adds.

Carla says that until Nicolas Maduro leaves office, his three children will not tread on Venezuelan soil. It's sad for me because I can not take them to their grandparents' land. In order not to lose their roots, I brought them to know Colombia, Panama and Mexico, but I hope one day they can reach Venezuelan territory ", he concludes.

At the end of every protest, Carla Bustillos returns on her social networks to feed the databases with people who join the pressing cause, from the so-called civil society, the exit of Maduro and, in his words, "its enriched threads little people & # 39 ;.

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