The use of TRON (Real Tron) has arrived! The price of the coin could hit the moon at any time



If a cryptocurrency has to go up, it has to increase its use in real life, and Tron (TRX) managed to get just that. Here in this post we will find out how, but let me talk about some facts before, briefly (promise).

It is no secret to anyone that cryptocurrencies have been approached as a form of investment rather than as its true purpose which must be a method of payment open to anyone at any time with the characteristic of not needing a third trusted part involved in the process.

In this case, this was one of the biggest struggles in the encrypted market as when it comes to utility, it seems that the cryptographic market lacks options that, at the same time, end up provoking the implicit encouragement of Use of virtual currencies only with the expectation of making a profit. [19659003] So, in this sense, it should be noted that every day there are more and more initiatives that envisage tackling the problem and finding a solution that could finally give a different approach to the use of cryptography, a fact that apparently Bitcoi n Superstore finally got by adding Tron. We see its connection to the new crypto-mainstream link and details on adding Tron (TRX) to the platform!

Bitcoin Superstore

Bitcoin Superstore is a website that allows fans to encrypt the opportunity to purchase coupons and services from a wide range of market options using cryptocurrencies.

The platform has been among us for quite some time, but it was not until the time the network started gaining strength by setting some of the industry's most ambitious goals.

According to his official Twitter account the company aims to add a new cryptocurrenc Every week, and not only that, it is also willing to accept the suggestions of the community, a fact that undoubtedly represents a great advantage for the sector.

Bitcoin Superstore offers encryption enthusiasts the ability to buy from existing online retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, eBay and even Starbucks, from almost every online shop, and the best of all is that it charges a commission from the user. 2% on the total amount of the purchase.

In this way, the platform has already transformed into the most relevant service for a real cryptic use in the market, and at the same time, in the most economical (I mean convenient).

The seven cryptocurrencies available

At the beginning (as the name suggests), the only encryption accepted was Bitcoin (BTC). However, the platform already has seven cryptocurrencies enlisted, including there are Bitcoin Cash (BTH), Dash, Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple's XRP and Tron (TRX) starting yesterday.

The official announcement was made via Twitter:


Of course, the addition of Tron (TRX) to a platform where users can buy in almost all online retailers that we know coin a prospect very positive regarding the price.

Indeed, it is likely that in the near future currency prices will increase relative to recent behavior, and this could also be supported by the recent peer-to-peer payment option that Tron has enabled through its payment platform Seedit .

We all agree that the latest coin performance was not the best, but this is a milestone with the ability to change Tron's fate completely. Obviously, it will not be realistic to expect Tron (TRX) to hit the moon in current circumstances; the whole market is bleeding heavily, TRX will have to wait (the rally must start from Bitcoin). So stay tuned!

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