The US index fell below the 92 mark, but more foreign currency purchases. The RMB closed only slightly higher in the short term, it should follow the trend of the US-Reuters index

  1. The US index fell below the 92 mark, but there were more foreign currency purchases.Reuters
  2. Onshore market renminbi rose on Thursday; the dollar index fell for three consecutive months, hitting a new lowWall Street Journal Chinese website
  3. Zong Xiaoli: The US dollar is rolling back todaySina
  4. Gold Trade Reminder: The Fed is discussing the possibility of adjusting asset purchases. Will the bargain hunt help the bulls kick off the “counterattack”? _News on foreign exchanges_huitong www.fx678.comHuitong
  5. Onshore market RMB continued to adjust slightly on Wednesday, ignoring the steep drop in the US dollar indexWall Street Journal Chinese website
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