The US crown confirmed ‘explosion’ …"First vaccination on the 11th of the following month" (2020.11.23 / News Today / MBC) -MBCNEWS

  1. US crown confirmed “ explosion ” … “First vaccination next month 11” (2020.11.23 / News Today / MBC)MBCNEWS
  2. I shouted for the right distribution of the G20 vaccine … Next year’s vaccinations wipe out the US, the EU and the Japanese economy – MaeilDaily economy
  3. US Head of Vaccine Development “Begins vaccination on 11th of next month” / YTNYTN News
  4. [리셋 코리아] Internal development must rush along with the safety of the overseas corona vaccine: JoongAng IlboJoongAng Ilbo
  5. U.S. Vaccine Officer Expects Group Immunization Around May Next Year “ First Vaccination Dec 11 ”Radio Korea news
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