The University of New York offers the best of Blockchain technology


New York University (NYU) became the "first" university in the United States to offer students a greater blockchain technology, CBS New York reported on September 18.

The program will be provided by the NYU Stern School of Business, which was also a pioneer in offering degree programs in cryptocurrencies and blockchains. Professor Andrew Hinkes commented on the new program:

"We hope to establish a basic work so that students can understand what is really happening under the hood, so that they can understand both the legal and business implications, and prepare them. to go out and face this new market. "

According to Professor Kathleen Derose, the school expects large companies to collaborate on the training program, while" startups in [fintech] will probably invent new things interesting. "The growing number of students interested in the new offer, New York University has doubled its course in this school year.

Adam White from the exchange of cryptocurrencies Coinbase said that the students "see the development, the birth of a new industry", adding that "in many ways, we look at things like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) and blockchain as Internet 3.0. "

Last month, Coinbase published a study, showing that 4 2% of the top 50 universities in the world have at least one class on cryptocurrencies and blockchains. Of the 172 classes examined in the study, 15% were offered by economics, finance, law and business departments, while 4% were in social sciences departments. The study found that blockchain and crypto-related courses are more popular in the United States among other countries.

U.S. Student interest in cryptography is reflected not only in educational programs, but also in investing in the digital currency. According to a study conducted by the Student Loan Report in March, 21.2% of university students used borrowed money to fund an encrypted investment, hoping that price volatility in cryptography would help pay off their debts faster .

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