The University of Malta launches the € 300,000 Blockchain scholarship



Malta continues to take the initiative in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain with an interesting new development in the education sector.

The University of Malta and the Malta Information Technology Agency have signed an agreement in which a fund of 300,000 euros will be made available for those students wishing to continue their studies in blockchain and ledger technology distributed in the next academic year. The fund will be available for those students who specialize in ICT, law, finance and engineering.

The scholarship fund, which will be split over three years, will follow the signing of an agreement between the University of Malta and Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA).

Students who start their studies in the following academic year can benefit from the scholarship for doctoral thesis and doctoral research related to blockchain and DLT.

Scholarships will be available for courses with at least 30 ECTS credits directly related to the DLT. Students will be given full sponsorship for the course.

Speaking to CCN, Silvio Schembri, the junior minister for the digital economy, said that the scholarship will support efforts to attract blockchain companies in Malta, ensuring that the necessary human resources are available

He declared:

"These companies need technical resources both to build and to operate using this technology, as well as experts in financial services, law and managerial roles.We can not wait to see the first Maltese who occupy these important and well-remunerated roles, also hoping that these will expand considerably in the future as the industry continues to grow here in Malta. "

The Rector of the Alfred University Vella added that the university would continue an internal exercise for the revision of undergraduate and master's degrees in law, finance, ICT and other areas to include units related to DLT, blockchain, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, fintech and regtech.

A spokesman for the university said that the institution was eagerly awaiting the results of this internal review to better establish a way forward in this rapidly growing sector.

Prof. Vella said that the goal of the review was to have educational programs in line with the government's strategy to make Malta the blockchain island.

MITA Executive President Tony Sultana added that the agency was engaging in similar initiatives with other educational institutions, as well as conducting training sessions for public sector employees to familiarize themselves with the technologies.

The agency will also be the main IT partner for the Delta Summit, an important blockchain and digital innovation that will also be held in Malta in October. Currently, the MFSA is conducting courses for financial institutions to enable them to qualify for the implementation of the Act on virtual financial assets that has been enacted at the beginning of this year.

Image of the library of the University of Malta from Shutterstock.

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