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The UNH law will now provide the first Blockchain bill

The new blockchain program consists of blockchains and cryptocurrency law certificates. In addition, they also have the role of BC & L, which credits under the UNH alias "University of New Hampshire School of Law".

UNH Law has recently introduced an exclusive format within the legal education sector, in line with emerging innovative technologies. The university also collaborates with Samson Williams, a global blockchain expert with Axes & Eggs, his consulting firm. From the other, they will support the development of an entire module regarding the new certification program.

There are about 100 students who show interest in joining the new blockchain law certificate. Tonya Evans, the director of this program who is also one of the UNH professors. He states that law students of this generation must familiarize themselves with technological skills and innovations. In addition, the university will also guide experts in blockchain variants, including:

  • Taylor Monahan, CEO of MyCrypto
  • Vlad Zamfir, the researcher at the Ethereum Foundation

However, it's not that simple because lawyers need to have a good understanding of these digital systems. They will need to apply their knowledge from their learning to the inside of this blockchain certification program.

The two different laws of the subject, as well as the development of the software, seem completely unrelated, but they now share a common reference point with blockchain things. As per press release, this new certified blockchain and cryptocurrency originally plans with a format of 4 courses needed with 1 elective.

In addition, it presents smart contracts, essential elements of encryption and blockchain for students with their legal implications. Now students can access the complete archive content. They will now be able to enjoy the benefits of the instructors' virtual working hours.

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The UNH law will now provide the first Blockchain bill

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The UNH law will now provide the first Blockchain bill


Today we present you all with the first blockchain law certificate offering world-class academic properties along with the innovation law program.



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