The Turkey-Russia match will be broadcast in the clear on which channel? UEFA Nations League match Turkey Russian national team …


We didn’t look at the number, I tried to do my best. I did my job with love. The number of players and coaches could have been higher, this is God’s will. When talent and character are combined, with love and respect, you can reach fantastic places. No event can stop you. Whether you like it or not, God says walk, my servant, you are walking. “

Sun, “Were you and the players concerned that Croatian footballer Vida’s coronavirus test was positive?” He gave the following answer to his question:

“First of all, we are forming a team with healthy players. The health of our athletes is important first, then whether the competition is won or not. Unfortunately, after the Vida accident, we turned to the relevant places. The result of the morning test. he could come out before the game, not halfway through. Coincidentally, it was the first time after the game with Russia that there was someone who was so close to me (a positive case).

I usually stay away. After the Turkish national anthem, the mask was on my face, I looked at the teachers and they said “Everyone on the bench is taking it off”. An accident happened. He touched my shoulder a bit, he likes to hug, hug everyone. Unfortunately, such a situation happened. The test of the first day doesn’t make any sense, but we did a test anyway, we did another test today for tomorrow’s game. We will do it again on the fifth day. This won’t be fixed by testing, so be careful. It’s the first time I’ve been this close to two people in so long. The hygiene of the mask is important to him. Everyone has to pay attention. “


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