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The true face of the Zionist entity C 5 and the last

In the previous sections we have dealt with the migration of Jews in general and the Arab world in particular. We focused on what the Arab Jews mean for us and we discussed some Arab countries based on their importance and the influence of the Jews of these countries in their countries of origin and in their present country of faith and religion "the Promised Land" as they say and how Zionist organizations have managed to attract these Jewish immigrants through psychological and economic influence. Waiting for those who remain in those countries and have succeeded in excellence. The Arab regimes and their policies have contributed to the loss of an important component in the lives of our countries. In return, Israel and Zionism have obtained a plan of the largest possible influx of Jews to Palestine to be a majority and at the expense of our brothers Arabs and their land where Israeli settlements were built and expanded at the expense of the Palestinian people. Since the twenties of the last century began that migration and although our Arab and Islamic countries lived under the weight of colonialism and all our occupied countries, they contributed to Zionist organizations at the time and with the time. help with the employment of the Zionist organizations and organizations that worked to recruit and organize many young Jews in those countries for their investment in plans and goals that wish to achieve migration Zionism, without reading or knowing that it's a pink Arab government, but then it made the same weak positions shy.
Is it worth mentioning here a bit of space to clarify the issue of anti-immigration and Israeli reaction, in exchange for not raising our attention as Arabs?
Israeli migration to the rest of the world. It is certain that migration from one country to another is not a new phenomenon in the history of the population: it is a natural phenomenon especially for densely populated countries or for countries with limited natural resources, such as Lebanon, where half of the population and perhaps more alive abroad. Finally, migration due to the security situation and instability in countries, in particular our Arab world, Iraq and Syria is an example. But immigration to Israel is a countermovement. The Zionist entity in occupied Palestine is in contradiction: it is doubtful that Israel was an entity based primarily on immigrants, so the movement of emigration by new immigrants or old residents was called anti-immigration or counter-immigration. .
It is well known that the issue of anti-immigration is one of the issues under control in Israel in terms of publishing data and concealment of facts. Another difficulty is that most of those born in Israel are not registered when they leave the country as immigrants in this sense. "It seems that a large number of immigrants in Israel do not show this anti-immigration," says the newspaper Al-Jawish Chronicle on 1/1/1967. "Therefore, they hide their true intent from their friends and neighbors and even from Israeli authorities.
The safety factor, says dr. "Moshia Azar" is that the Zionist dream that the state of Israel will bring the joy of the Jewish people into normal life turned out to be a wrong dream. If there is a place in the world where the life of a Jew is in danger as a Jew he is "Israel"
The social factor: heterogeneous human society in Israel suffers from social problems arising from the diversity of migrations, as well as from national and racial intolerance and from the problem of housing and assimilation of new immigrants.
Means of Zionist authorities to reduce movement of movement,
Authorities are using methods to limit external movements. This is a pressure factor, as we have suggested to those who want to emigrate
Some may wonder why the Zionist state has not been able since its inception until today, despite the desperate efforts and activities of affiliated organizations, to bring the number of immigrants it wants, despite the presence of over 20 million residents out from Palestine to realize the dangers of the failure of the migratory movement.
That the continuation of the state of war with the "Zionist" entity from its inception until today can be considered an important factor in the failure of the migratory movement. The Arab countries were one of the tributaries of migration, although these countries are mainly affected by migration. What did those countries do to combat Jewish immigration? Nothing but statements, meetings and normalization today? Tomorrow?
There are indeed challenges facing the community of immigrants and settlers without any Arab challenge. This challenge can exist if the intentions of Arab countries are sincere to achieve justice and the interest of a busy Arab country, but I believe that the cause Palestinian is no longer his people and his youth. And establish diplomatic, commercial, political and economic relations with Israel.

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