The TRON Virtual Machine (TVM): Dawning on the Xue Yaping bear market


The TVM will be launched on August 30, 2018, when TRON will also have completed the MainNet update.

TRON has already launched its beta version of TVM on July 30th. TRON founder Justin Sun has released an open letter to the community about the launch of TVM beta. The letter stated that TRON will complete its MainNet update by August 30th at Singapore Time and the official launch of TVM ever since. Justin has defined the official TVM as "safer and more reliable", which has triggered a discussion within the circle of cryptocurrencies.

In August, TRON provided a sandbox environment to its global community for testing and vulnerability. Based on the feedback from the tests, the appropriate modifications to the virtual machine have been made. Meanwhile, the community has launched a survey to solicit views of the Super Representatives (SR) and reached a consensus. Finally, the community has joined all the SRs to start the update process.

Learning from feedback for a month, the beta version of TVM has been further updated.

Soon, TRON will launch the official version of TVM as scheduled. As a complete and lightweight Turing virtual machine, TVM will provide an efficient, simple, stable and secure system, specially designed for blockchain and easy to update.

From a cautious and green hand in the blockchain industry to a dynamic player in the bear market, TRON has shifted its role as a beginner to contributor.

The cryptocurrency industry has gone through a tough trip in July, indicating a bear market.

The cryptic cryptographic prices have gone hand in hand with the bear market. Many new emerging blockchain projects have been addressed with risks of returning to the starting point. However, the end of a bear market promises price recovery. After a long bubble period, the market is starting to regain rationality and cryptographic prices will once again be determined in value.

In the bear market, TRON remains lively

The launch of the official TVM is undoubtedly a cornerstone of the development of TRON.

When Ethereum entered a phase of stagnation, TRON, on the other hand, made significant steps forward with a series of revolutionary actions.

  • August 2017, foundation of the TRON blockchain project
  • 31 March, 2018, launch of TRON TestNet
  • 30 May 2018, launch of TRON MainNet
  • 25 June 2018, Independence Day, TRX officially migrated to MainNet [19659014] 30 July 2018, TVM Beta Launch
  • 30 August 2018, Official Launch of TVM

Starting from April 2018, TRON has introduced numerous awards programs and has been listed in prestigious exchanges all over the world . Meanwhile, TRX has become more widely recognized as a payment method and has been implemented in various application scenarios.

The launch of TVM in August is certainly the icing on the cake among the recent results of TRON. Compared to other virtual machines, TVM is better than the rest for the following reasons:

  • TVM is fully compatible with Ethereum and many other virtual machines
  • It is faster and cheaper
  • to be able to use the tools of mainstream development such as TronStudio, TronBox, TronWeb and the explorer wallet extensions to develop DApp in the TRON network.

The TRON solution to compatibility

The DApp application on a large scale requires a large number of users in the public chain. To attract more DApp developers, the most important prerequisite is to provide cost-effective, efficient and easy-to-use development tools, documentation and tutorials. This is the most critical part in building the DApp ecosystem.

As we all know, Ethereum has worked in this area for a few years, perfecting development tools, documentation and exercises and finally developing the unique EVM. Since TRON has launched its MainNet public chain, it has also given absolute priority to the development of a virtual machine, in an attempt to attract more developers.

Holding high momentum, TRON started to pursue a higher goal – developing its own virtual machine. So far, the TRON team has successfully created a virtual machine framework that is compatible with EVM and many other virtual machines.

That's why TVM is unique and better than EVM.

TVM is not only compatible with EVM, but faster and more convenient.

TRON & # 39; s Solution to Cost

TRON is very attentive to developers, as the TVM is compatible with EVM and allows DApp developers to migrate from the EVM to the TVM almost for free.

TRON has worked on reducing consumption and resource costs, as well as updating the compiler and set of instructions. By updating the compiler, the implementation of the code in TRON is now faster, more efficient and consumes less resources. Through the extension of the instruction set, functions including voting, freezing and trading can be conveniently implemented in the intelligent contract code.

TRON's solution for DADP development

TRON has dedicated great efforts to provide a convenient, efficient and easy-to-use development environment for developers and comprehensive update of development tools, third-party tools and tools engine.

TRON provides basic tools such as TronWeb and Tronscan to allow developers to debug more easily in the local emulated environment; TRON provides documentation and tutorials in complete texts to help developers quickly learn how to develop DApp and use development tools; TRON also works with game tool suppliers to implement unique features.

Above all, one thing is certain: TRON is a down-to-earth team in the bear market too. This is a moment of challenges and opportunities and the market will return to the model of determining price value. We hope that TRON will bring successful innovations to the entire industry.

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