The trick to know the Wi-Fi password from Android


There are situations in which it is necessary to know the key of a Wi-Fi network to which you are connected: to connect other devices or to give it to another person who requests it. While it’s not very difficult to do this from a Windows or Mac computer, it is a challenge for some to get that key from a mobile or tablet running Android.

The specialized portal FayerWayer explained the simplest way for this. First of all, you need to count the Android 10 OS or later. Likewise, you must have the Google Photos app installed.

Once these two elements have been verified, the user must go to the menu that allows you to see the available Wi-Fi networks and select the one you are using.

Then, you have to select the sharing option. A QR code will appear that can be scanned by another ‘smartphone’, thus revealing the key.

In case the password is not displayed, the user must take a screenshot of the QR code. Then, from Google Photos, the image should be open. Once loaded, you need to tap the button Google Lens. Automatically, Google will reveal the network name with the respective key.


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