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The trial of the former prosecutor Ferhat Sarikaya has started

Sarıkaya and his lawyer were present at the 16th Criminal Court in Ankara.

Following the identification and reading the Sarıkaya indictment, "I have never been a member of FETÖ, I did not stay home when I was a student, I did not read any books about a terrorist's boss, I never used ByLock , which I heard on July 15. "he said.

In the Şemdinli district of Hakkari province, Sarıkaya, which was the prosecutor who prepared the "Şemdinli" indictment of the Umut Kitabevi attack that caused the death of two people on October 9, 2005, said that he was expelled from the profession following a disciplinary investigation and returned to Ankara in 2007.

After arriving in Ankara, the opposition party of the MHP paved the way for opposition and FETÖ sentenced to former judge Burhan Yaz who told him he had contacted Sarikaya, "I know Burhan Yaz & # 39; in the congregation ". he said.

Sarıkaya, the former judge said of the Yaz summer:
"When I was in the second year, Burhan Yaz was in the first class, he introduced me with his colleague CA, Yaz, who was in the same class with me, CA was trying to bring Yaz to the FET .. Summer remained in the state dorm, When he went to FETÖ, he went to the Üsküdar congregation and I started staying in the dorm that I remember.
Burhan Yaz, was in the middle of this organization from the university years.

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He received financial support from FETÖ

He was thinking of going to Canada for a period because of the expulsion of the profession, for which he said the summer of 20,000 pounds, Sarikaya: "I did not receive a visa from Canada, so I decided to go in South Africa, where my children have studied in FETÖ schools ". He said.

After about 4 months in South Africa Sarikaya declared that the return to Turkey, he left it traded by Feton, former chairman of the staff department of Gazi University introduced Mehmet Salt, said that after a while, he went to Bosnia Herzegovina.

Reacting to arrive at certain intervals to get Sarikaya Sarıkaya to live, "Saltan was a teacher, saying that my family did not have the security of life and persuaded me to go abroad again. I had to go to Bosnia. , income once a month, would have met our needs. " I came back to Turkey. "He found in the statement.

Sarıkaya recalled that after the 2010 referendum in the scope of the constitutional amendment, the accused Sarıkaya said he did not recognize people who gave positive votes to the profession and did not know if they were involved with FETÖ or not .

"Rock guided me to Buyukanit"

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"Şemdinli incriminazione" in the period of the commander of the former retired general Yasar Buyukanit "to set up a gang to commit a crime" in the defense of Sarikaya, in this regard the former judge of FETÖ Ilhan Kaya has exported the directive itself, he said.
Sarikaya, who suggested he was working on Buyukanit to avoid a possible coup, said:
"I did not know that İlhan Kaya was a FETÖ & er; I am convinced that Kaya was heading me to Büyükanıt, but I was convinced that Yaşar Pasha could be a coup, a military coup and a military coup. the file I made to the legal adviser of the General Staff, not the Büyükanit, but I would have done the same with someone else, not to be interrupted in this country, not to mention, I saw FETÖ on July 15th.
I did not know that İlhan Kaya was a FETÖ, and I learned when it was exported. Kaya told me that if there was a coup, the people of the Turkish armed forces could be damaged. The effects of February 28th were still ongoing at that time. I did this work naively, so as not to blow. After July 15, it was understood that what Kaya called "people of faith ded" was FETÖists

Sarikaya, the court requested the evacuation.

On the questions of President Sabahattin Sarıdoğan, the former prosecutor Sarıkaya presented to the court a list of names he considered connected to FETÖ.

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