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The token trading platform remodels the creation of utility tokens with faster owner blockchain

The Blockchain-based project launches the proprietary token trading platform to allow companies to create utility tokens quickly and securely using the PoA algorithm.

The launch of the Ethereum Network in 2015 led to the materialization of a new type of token created by developers through smart contracts ERC20: utility tokens. In 2017, start-ups managed to raise over $ 5.6 billion with their ICOs, although only 48% were successful. Blockchain-based infrastructure projects are increasing dramatically because digital token issuance offers entrepreneurs new ways to finance and grow their businesses.

Companies are excited about the benefits of the Ethereum blockchain. However, with the strengthening of token regulations, companies are realizing that their tokens must be supported by better use cases. Until now, the safest platform to create a cryptocurrency was Ethereum. However, it provides a low transaction speed, high gas rates, complex technical requirements and safety issues.

A more scalable alternative to Ethereum for scalable DAPs and digital tokens

Not all business owners know how to create a digital token on a network like Ethereum; just like not all developers know how to tackle a difficult fork. Sculpting a single token that meets all expectations in terms of speed, reliability and scalability poses real challenges. As the need to move to a different blockchain is strengthened between entrepreneurs and developers, the LindaX token development platform enters the scene with a business model aimed at helping businesses navigate successfully through the unknown world of cryptocurrency.

At the center, LindaX is a fork of the Ethereum network; a predecessor that leverages various consortium protocols and models to contribute to the development of utility tokens and personalized digital resources. The main objective is to build a solid digital coin issuing infrastructure from concept to execution. A key element of LindaX is the PoA [proof of authority] consent protocol, which is based on & # 39; validators & # 39; to check the transactions just added to the blocks.

From the test to full implementation with Trajectory and Orbital

A key part of LindaX is its proprietary Testnet, "Trajectory", which can be used to test and implement LindaX's progress. By taking advantage of the Testnet, authorized developers are able to test DApp and smart contracts without additional costs or commissions. The purpose of "Trajectory" is to act as a development platform to provide a secure transition to "Orbital", the LindaX Mainnet.

In order for LindaX to work at full potential, the platform is based on its Mainnet, "Orbital", the blockchain used to power the network and using the PoA consensus protocol. Although not a development blockchain, Orbital requires that all DApps and contracts published on LindaX go through a review and approval process; in this way, all updates, concepts and modifications can be adequately controlled before being released on the LindaX blockchain.

On LindaX, all companies, companies, LLCs and partners will have to go through a KYC verification process. Following this step, they can begin to create negotiable digital tokens by collaborating with accredited LindaX developers. The created token can have multiple purposes and can be used as proof of membership, asset representation, virtual sharing and more. Unlike the Ethereum network, LindaX pre-selects all token proposals to ensure that each token proposal meets all network conditions before obtaining a network rating.

LindaX originates from Lindacoin, the digital test currency of the game that creates utility products. The ultimate goal of the project is to become a global token development platform for companies around the world who wish to create a utility token without going through the problems associated with Ethereum. In August 2018, LindaX finished the ICO pre-sale, which ended selling all the 3 million LM tokens available. LindaX's next milestones include a sale of public tokens, as well as the official launch of its "Trajectory" of Testnet and "Orbital" by Mainnet.

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