The terrifying beauty routine of actress Eva Mendes that caused awe in the networks


The the actress Eva Mendes She shared one of her beauty routines on her social networks, and the image sparked awe among her followers.

With more than two million followers on his account Instagram, the famous actress of Cuban origins has decided to share with her fans one of the routine she does to always look beautiful.

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It is a series of injections in the neck and this, according to the same Latin artist, although it seems painful it is not.


According to Eva Mendes, the technique performed by a Latin doctor in Los Angeles has excellent results and can relax while performing it.

In the publication, which took a short time to go viral, there are many comments commenting on how impressive the image with the needles in the neck of the famous actress is.

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Finally, it’s worth noting that it’s not the first time that famous Hollywood actress Eva Mendes shares the secrets of her beauty routine in the hands of professionals.


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