The televisions interrupt Trump’s speech and deny the president, including Fox


The split on the conservative news channel deepens every time Trump repeats allegations of election fraud.

“We didn’t see anything that constituted fraud or abuse of the system,” White House correspondent for Fox News John Roberts said live from the same press room the president had spoken to seconds earlier.

In the New York studios, the presenters repeated it over and over again. “We haven’t seen any evidence.”

Hours later, during the evening opinion shows, Fox News presenter Laura Ingraham took a 180-degree turn and questioned in an editorial whether the vote in the post had been counted, stating that “America must find the winner on election night or the morning after “.

The same station, the most viewed paid news channel, was the scene of great tension in Tuesday night’s elections, after declaring Trump’s rival, Democrat Joe Biden, Arizona winner, before other ‘media’ did .

The difference in criteria in Fox News programming reflects the editorial tension that exists among journalists of a company that is experiencing a dilemma: deciding whether to continue to support the drift of Trump’s speech or the verification of his complaints against the electoral system.

Meanwhile, the three main open signal stations – NBC, ABC and CBS – have vehemently interrupted and denied Trump’s speech in a completely direct way.

“We have to stop Trump because the president made a series of false statements,” said reporter Lester Holt, host of NBC Nightly News, one of the top three free-to-air news broadcasts.

The same was done by David Muir, presenter of the most followed news program in the country, with eight million daily viewers, the ABC World News Tonight.

“There was simply no evidence in any of these states that there were illegal votes,” he said.

The reporter then explained that, due to the coronavirus pandemic, mail-order voting has increased, breaking records: over 100 million Americans have voted earlier, which has extended the ballot.

CBS, the third in the hearing, launched an investigation when Trump ended his speech and dismissed all allegations of “fraud” and “corruption of the system.”

More surprising were the news services of American public radio, NPR: “Trump, once again, falsely declared victory in the 2020 election. He did not win. The votes are still being counted,” he said.

In turn, paid news channels CNN and MSNBC, known for more liberal positions, harshly commented: “What a sad night for the United States.”

Trump “is trying to attack democracy with a series of untruths. Lie after lie after lie,” complained host Jake Tapper.

On the CNN show, Rick Santorum, a Trump party commentator and former senator, said he was “impressed and disappointed” after listening to the president.

Virtually no major media have confirmed the allegations of election fraud made by the Trump campaign.

“Trump said without evidence that the elections were corrupt and fraudulent,” published Nicole Carroll, editor of USA Today, one of the most widely read generalist newspapers in the United States.

The Washington Post, New York Times, and Los Angeles Times also denied the president.

Similarly, the courts of Georgia and Michigan have dismissed Trump’s first lawsuits, which depend on the diluted media support of Fox News and the “alternative” platforms that have emerged on social networks.

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