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The system error makes it possible to extract the cryptocurrency from the thin air

The experts of cryptocurrency, after analyzing the sums processed, have come to believe that the GasToken smart contracts could have been used fraudulently to request transactions involving considerable commissions.

A vulnerability discovered in the Ethereum network has allowed stock market clients to extract cryptocurrency from nothing, or better from gas, Level K employees wrote in their blog.

According to industry specialists, during a transaction involving ETH coins and addressed to a specific address, Ethereum can perform random calculations and earmark amounts that are further paid by the sender. Although many of the developers of cryptocurrency bags knew of the vulnerability, some of them ignored it, failing to set the commission limit, and doing so, undermined the security of the service.

Cryptomoney specialists have said that thugs could use a platform security breach with the help of GasToken – smart contracts that help tokenise gas. During currency exchanges, hackers have the opportunity to request transactions from vulnerable cryptocurrency scholarships, which should automatically cover the commission. This has helped the thugs to trade, to fully spend their ETH supplies due to incredibly high transaction fees, and even to cash in on it, experts said.

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After the K-level specialists have informed the developers of the exchanges on the security vulnerability of the system, this last one resolved without delay.

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