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The Swiss national railway operator completes the Blockchain ID management system

The Swiss national railway company has completed a proof of concept (PoC) of an identity management system based on "self-sufficient" blockchains, according to a press release shared with Cointelegraph.

The product of the Swiss Federal Railways (FFS) was developed by Linum Labs, a company based in Switzerland and specialized in the construction of decentralized systems, implementing the identity management protocol based on Ethereum uPort, partly developed by the 39; ConsenSys blockchain incubator.

According to the release, the tests of the blockchain-based credential management system – which is intended to be used by workers at the transport company's shipyards – were carried out from May to November of this year. The project itself was designed to increase the efficiency of paper-based processes in an "agile work environment with a blockchain-based digital audit-proof solution".

During the tests, the workers created their digital identities in the app uPort on their smartphones, which they later used to access and exit the work sites they were working on. The system confirmed the presence of workers on construction sites and certified their training. A November Linum Labs blog post reads:

"A self-sovereign identity based on blockchain is suitable for this use case because workers should be able to transfer their identity from one company to another and no specific company should own or manage it In addition, there are more companies and parts that issue certificates. "

In recent months, Blockchain has begun to gain a foothold in the transport sector. In May, Swissport's Swiss ground handling and cargo handling company announced that it is launching a blockchain pilot program for its cargo handling activities. Hendrik Leyssens, head of global cargo operations at Swissport, said the blockchain could accelerate transactions, improve security and help reduce operating costs.

In September, Lloyd & # 39; s Register, a British technology and business maritime classification company, created a model of a blockchain-class register of class ships. By applying the new "Class Register", the company intends to increase the classification and registration of new ships, as well as launch a prototype of its blockchain-based registry service.

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