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The Swiss Islamist wanted to kill Fedpol officials

Two Swiss were arrested in connection with the murder of two Scandinavian tourists in Morocco. Now a Moroccan media reports that one of the two has planned attacks against Switzerland.

On December 17, 2018, Maren Ueland († 28) from Norway and Louisa Vesterager Jespersen († 24) from Denmark to Morocco were cut. Their bodies were found at the foot of Mount Toubkal, a popular destination for walkers. Cruel: the authors took the action on video, they boasted of being "avenged for our brothers in Hajine in Syria" (reported BLICK).

Less than two weeks later, the police arrested the double Swiss-Spanish citizen Kevin Z. * (25). He should have trained the authors, among other things, in dealing with firearms. (VIEW reported). A few days ago, another Swiss was arrested in the Moroccan city of Témara: Nicholas P., nicknamed "Abdelkrim", would have had contact with the murderers of the two women from Scandinavia.

It is said that P. had Fedpol officials on the goal

Apparently, the arrest of Nicholas P. could prove to be a stroke of luck for Switzerland. Tamedia media cite the Moroccan newspaper Assabah, which reports that Nicholas P. was commissioned in 2016 to carry out terrorist attacks against targets in Switzerland. Officials of the Federal Office of Police (Fedpol) and financial institutions are said to have heard about it.

Fedpol said at the request of Tamedia, so far nothing to know about planned attacks. But you're in touch with the Moroccan police. The Moroccan report, in turn, would not have provided further details on the planned attacks in Switzerland. "Assabah" had simply reported that Nicholas P. had also been involved in the construction of terrorist cells in Southeast Asia, after the attack plans in Switzerland had been destroyed. According to the report of the Moroccan newspaper, Nicholas P. was an extremist of the first order that has long assumed the ideology of the Islamic State.

The most dangerous Swiss in the IS

P.'s client should have been Daniel D., who is wanted by Interpol and is said to be the most dangerous Swiss terrorist IS, according to terrorism experts. Perhaps Daniel D. and Nicholas P. met in Geneva. According to Tamedia, the latter visited the great mosque of Petit-Saconnex before settling in Morocco two years ago. Daniel D. also had to go to the same mosque before emigrating to Syria in the spring of 2015, where D. is said to have been active, among others, in a department planning terrorist attacks abroad.

The other involved Swiss, Kevin Z. * visited the great mosque of Petit-Saconnex where, according to Tamedia, he met Nicholas P. Along with Nicholas P. he is in pre-trial detention in Morocco for suspected terrorism. However, both are accused only of contact with IS and not complicity in the murder of the two young Scandinavians.

Z. receives IV help

Z. was noted in Geneva by small crimes and drug problems. Although he now lives with his wife and children in Morocco, he is said to have visited Switzerland again and again. Z. also finances his life in North Africa thanks to an IV help from Switzerland, which he receives due to mental health problems.

Where is the third Swiss, it is not known. Interpol warns against the danger of jihadist Daniel D. alias Abu Ilias as-Swissri of Geneva. Daniel D. was last seen near the Syrian-Iraqi border about a year ago, according to the Tamedia report. (VOF)

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