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The Sturdiness Of Ethereum Classic

In a recent interview with CryptoInsider, the head of marketing and spokesman for ERCDEV, Donald McIntyre, spoke about the robustness of Ethereum Classic. The interview concerned the involvement of the investor and CEO of Digital Currency Group, Barry Silbert and the importance of price in order to encourage the development of the ETC project. They also talked about the anecdote of the blockchain consultant Giacomo Zucco in comparing cryptocurrencies and blockchain with the "three little pigs".

Although these topics may not initially involve you, it is still important to understand the ETC project and what makes it different from your brother on the Ethereum chain, and why the intellectual and intellectual effort behind the role of Ethereum Classic and its position is special.

Although the interview was more a chat with the others, one of the first things that were mentioned concerns Zucco and the way he compared cryptocurrencies and blockchain with the "three little pigs" in the sense that some pigs like to build their houses made of hay or wood that results in a fire, while those who take care of safety make them come out of brick and stone, so they will last a long time.

In response to this, McIntyre said:

"We are a complete Turing machine and we are mostly honest and cooperative, but sometimes we even deceive ourselves, and in these systems this means that we must have the freedom to defend our individuality at all times. say how our lives should be governed, because someone else is likely to act on his behalf, not ours, so it's okay to be the pig who wants to build the hay house, and it's nice to be the pig that builds the brick house – strong and always worried about security, and it is also good to apply those philosophies or lifestyles they fit well in. In the case of blockchains like Ethereum Classic and Bitcoin, they are specifically high-security systems. "

Subsequently, the interviewer asked the marketer the involvement of Barry Silbery and his company. He added that many people observed being heavily involved when Ethereum Classic was gearing up to get a list on Coinbase.

In response to this, McIntyre said:

"The participation of Barry Silbert in Ethereum Classic and Bitcoin is exactly what you see: he is a very honest person and is an incredible supporter of these technologies and I think it was … I think I will send him an email once because he is very criticized by people, and I told him it's a "net positive" (laughs), and when I tell someone or me that they are a net positive or negative … when everything you do, some things are not really good but they are mostly good – and I think he describes Barry.

All his investments, the risk he is taking, has a skin in the game, really. He has all his capital in the crypt, he made incredible connections between Wall Street and the crypt, and things like that. I think he already recognizes he wants to help Bitcoin when he created or helped organize the New York deal. He wanted to put everyone together and reach an agreement because he really wanted to implement some solutions to scalability, so it was a good intention. But, as you can see, it was not a good idea for a blockchain. "

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