The story of Criptovaluta aired by Soap Opera Airs


The British soap opera, Coronation Street, has played its part in sensitizing the cryptocurrency this week, with a plot involving the imaginary & # 39; WhipCoin & # 39 ;.

Rags to Riches to …

Coronation Street is the longest soap opera in the world, with a regular audience of around 8 million. In the program, Ryan Connor, a semi-regular character since 2006, has bet on the money earned by DJing in Ibiza. Then remember to have invested 50 pounds (50 pounds) in WhipCoin several years ago. A quick search on the internet and realizes that his investment is now worth £ 250 million.

If only he could remember his password!

Fortunately, he wrote the password in a copy of Gazza: My Story (the autobiography of the footballer Paul Gascoine), then he began the search for the book.

The book is completely irrelevant since Ryan finally remembers his password in a "lightbulb" moment. By enthusiastically accessing his WhipCoin portfolio, he realizes that his previous Internet search was hopelessly outdated. His investment is now useless.

Body Positive

Ok, so it is not the representation plus positive of the cryptocurrency, but it could hardly be accused of not being realistic. The writers obviously know their stuff and the fact that they consider cryptocurrency a suitable plot for such an important show is certainly positive.

People (falsely) state that "there is no bad advertising," but on this occasion they might be right.There can not be a huge overlap between demographic data looking at the show and those with an interest in cryptocurrency.So a large percentage of 8 million people now is potentially googling "cryptocurrency" and "WhipCoin."

What is a WhipCoin?

Perhaps a game about the stereotype of the northern English folk is "all flat and whippet", although this is pure conjecture: Coronation Street is set in the fictional town of Weatherfield, Greater Manchester, and often highlights such clichés.

It is obvious that WhipCoin is thought to represent bitcoins, it's pretty obvious if you already know something about cryptocurrency, that is.

However, we should not be surprised if some enterprising cocks launch an ICO WhipCoin in the next few days per cap italize.

Have you seen the episode? Let us know what you thought below!

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