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A group of six game development studios joined together to create the world's first decentralized game universe using the blockchain to allow players to own resources that can be used in more games.

Age of Rust, 9Lives Arena, CryptoFights, War of Crypto, Bitcoin Hodler and Forest Knight use the blockchain development platform of Enjin Coin to integrate game resources stored in the Ethereum blockchain and have pledged to create the first multiverse of games. Players who own these multiverse resources at the forefront will be able to find and use them in multiple games, allowing developers to promote crosswise by offering their players a completely unique inter-universe experience.

The creators of Age of Rust SpacePirate Games, the first to announce the intention to use Enjin Coin as a multiverse platform, sent a tweet on August 14th:

"The decentralized gaming elements owned by the player supported by other games are the next evolution in the game.It is the type of universe "ready player one" and we are working with other games to start it ERC-1155 with @enjin makes this dream reality. #blockchaingames #enjin. "

Since then, five more games have announced the adoption of the multiverse, which will allow players to find and use the selected elements in all the participating games.

In theoretical physics, a multiverse is a hypothetical collection of universes, including what we see around us. The various universes within the multiverse are often referred to as "parallel" or "alternative" universes. Ready Player One a $ 201 billion grossing film of $ 201 billion, has popularized the concept of the gaming multiverse with its portrayal of "OASIS", a vast collection of landscapes game that the citizens of the world use to escape the daily struggles of living in a dystopian future. In OASIS, players can move smoothly through parallel game universes while carrying avatars, objects, weapons and currency.

The key difference is that while The Ready One's Oasis is owned by one person, the multiverse that grows on the blockchain it is completely decentralized and develops organically through collaboration and innovation. Although all the games in the multiverse are using the Enjin Coin platform to create and integrate their blockchain assets, the multiverse is not governed or controlled by a single entity. Any game developer can create blockchain assets or integrate existing ones, however, the Enjin platform allows developers to do so without any knowledge or experience with blockchain development.

Players will soon be able to own an entire collection of multiverse resources bringing with them from one game to another. In the end, developers will also be able to collaborate and allow players to level up in multiple games simultaneously, using the blockchain a developer can allow character interactions in other games to influence the status of the character in their own. The full range of possibilities has yet to be explored, from finding resources in games that can be used in others, to creating a braided set of missions and goals that weave universes together.

Previous projects that attempted to conquer the mammoth the task of creating the multiverse was unsuccessful. In particular, Multiverse Inc., founded by a group of Netscape veterans and with James Cameron in their advisory group, achieved spectacular levels, enrolling 10,000 game developers to their platform by 2008. The company began production of the platform in 2004 and ceased operations seven years later, citing the lack of revenue as a reason to close its doors in 2011, leaving 10,000 game developers to find new platforms.

Interestingly, Multiverse has gained revenue through a 10% profit-sharing model of gaming profits, while Enjin offers free blockchain development platform to early users. Enjin Coin started building the blockchain development platform in June 2017 and got crowdfunding through an ICO a few months later. With CryptoFights and Forest Knight coming out at the end of 2018, Enjin Coin has allowed the seamless integration of multiverse resources into games by creating a complete suite of blockchain development and support software, all in just over a year.

Aptly titled "Blockchain SDK of Enjin" (software development kit), Unity Plugin by Enjin Coin is currently used by the first users and has been presented at the # 39; Unity Asset Store, which will allow for 4.5 million developers. Through this partnership, Unity will promote "Blockchain SDK by Enjin" and will host it on the front page of its asset store.

Enjin also released the Enjin Smart Wallet, a secure multi-token cryptocurrency portfolio for storing, managing, and protecting gaming resources. Widely considered the world's most advanced cryptocurrency portfolio, the Enjin Smart Wallet is safer than most banking and financial applications. Enjin will also release the blockchain explorer EnjinX, which will serve as an encyclopaedia for the blockchain, allowing players to verify the data attached to their objects and developers to easily import asset data into their games.

All objects minted using the Enjin development platform are supported by a nominal amount of Enjin Coin (ENJ) to certify their authenticity. This means that all developers must create and adopt multiverse resources using Enjin's Blockchain SDK, a small amount of ENJ.

To celebrate the birth of the multiverse of games, Enjin will also host a "Ready Player One" style treasure hunt, giving players the ability to track down, find and win items backed by millions of ENJs.

For further information, ask the Telegram Coin Enjin group: https: // t .me / enjin_coin

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