the squirrel steals some fermented pears and gets drunk


Kathleen Morlok, who lives in Uptown Inver Grove Heights, told the Daily Mail that the curiousIt happened last Friday, after he left the fruit in his yard to feed a pig he has as a pet named Hamlet..

Morlok was referring to the same medium as that day he was cleaning the fridge and found a very old sack of pears at the bottom. In order not to throw them away, he decided to give his pig 2, but his Hamlet ate only one.

It was then that the hungry squirrel came to the backyard and saw the opportunity to feed on the pear, which was on the floor. The woman realized that the squirrel had gone with his booty to the trees and believed that it was better to give him more of the old fruit, indicates the British newspaper.

However, when the rodent returned a couple of hours later, Kathleen Morlok thought she was acting “very strange”.

“He continued to lean back while he ate. It was then that I realized that the pears must have fermented in the bottom of the fridge, ”the woman explained to the Daily Mail.

The American, after recording the video which quickly went viral on several social networks, He threw the rest of the pears in the garbage and that day he can barely sleep thinking about the drunk squirrel.

Fortunately, it ended up in that diary, The squirrel “came back the next morning for a “hangover breakfast”, he recovered from his drunkenness and resumed his normal life ”.


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