The Spanish medical council wants COVID-19 emergency health chief Fernando Simon to be fired


The Spanish General Medical Council has called for the dismissal of the country’s head of the health emergency Fernando Simon. The board accused him of “evident and prolonged incompetence” in his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the statement, the board said it expressed discomfort with Fernando’s inappropriate actions and statements.

The Spanish head of health has sacked

According to the release, in his latest comments on the number of infections among health care workers, Fernando Simon is said to have said: “Health workers have learned the lessons after the first wave. Managers are putting in place better care circuits in hospitals. And of course, we are seeing better behavior from health workers when it comes to avoiding infection outside the areas they work in. “

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The board also accused Simon of failing to assess the government’s handling of the pandemic. The statement read: “These disheartening comments not only show insensitivity and lack of understanding, but also demonstrate a clear ignorance of the working conditions we have been subjected to, including the lack of personal protective equipment and diagnostic tests, and of responsibility and vocation. of thousands of colleagues who have carried out their medical duties in close collaboration with other health professionals “.

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The council also found that 72 doctors have died since March and there are still hundreds struggling daily to overcome the consequences of the virus. He further stated: “Thousands of people who continue to struggle to counter the effects of a pandemic as we have not known before. Professionals who are asked to sacrifice themselves, appealing to their vocation and who are abused for their commitment to the patient. and society. “According to a count from Johns Hopkins University, Spain has a total of 1,492,608 cases with 40,769 deaths.

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