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The Spanish lawyer dies at the hands of a killer who he had defended

A man convicted of killing his wife in 2003 committed suicide this Friday after killing the lawyer who had defended him and with whom he had an affair, the authorities told Aragon in northeastern Spain.

Spain has made the fight against sexist violence a national cause, and this case was so special that it deserved a press conference from the government delegate in Aragon, Carmen Sánchez.

"The sources of the investigation consider that between them there was a personal relationship", and their family environment confirms it, which is why it is "a crime of gender-based violence", said a very moved Sanchez.

The lawyer defended him during the trial for killing his wife in 11 shots in 2003, a crime that earned him a sentence of 18 years in prison, according to a spokesman for the Association of Lawyers of Zaragoza.

On probation from January 2017, the man committed suicide by jumping from a viaduct to Teruel from Thursday night to Friday, according to the first elements of the investigation cited by Sánchez.

In his residence in Zaragoza, the police found the corpse of the 48-year-old lawyer "with obvious knife marks".

The lawyer was married and her husband had notified her missing Thursday evening.

"We will not allow a step back against gender-based violence", Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez tweeted, complaining that "four women were murdered in recent days" in Spain by their partner or ex-partner.

Last year there were 47 women murdered.

The fight against sexist violence is a national cause in Spain, where in 2004 a pioneering law against this phenomenon was approved unanimously in Parliament.

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