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The skills you need to develop to get a very profitable blockchain development job

I often wonder how many developers out there have already ventured into the blockchain world, compared to those sitting on the fence waiting to see how it evolves over time, ready for increased popularity – if it is possible; it seems that the work related to the blockchain has increased by 300% in recent times.

The change in the developer market depends on how many of us believe we have the ability to move easily into this new "fandangled" market, or if we have confidence in ourselves just to overcome it and move on without developing our current skill base.

We try to be honest, some of the skills are easily transferable but, since the blockchain is such a new technology, there will undoubtedly be skills that we have to develop in order to raise wage votes.

The underlying list is based on the fundamental understanding that can already be codified. In any case, focusing on developing these skills should be a focal point for you:

  • A basic understanding of the blockchain
  • Some knowledge of cryptocurrency
  • Learn how to drive business results
  • Embracing the blockchain
  • Choose a language
  • Be an expert in your field
  • Understanding of the uses of the blockchain

A basic understanding of the blockchain

For example, do you know the structure of the blockchain and that it contains data without any centralized supervision system? Do you know how to extract? Do you know what the mechanism of consent is and do you understand what "decentralized" means?

If you are already late with one of these terms or are not sure what they are, we highly recommend that you take a course to bring your skills to zero. Without a basic knowledge of these areas, it will be difficult to find a blockchain developer job.

Some knowledge of cryptocurrency

It seems that cryptocurrency and blockchain go hand in hand and there is a lot to be learned from the well-established use of blockchain in this application. With this in mind, it is advisable to have a basic awareness and understand how cryptocurrency works. If you have not already done so, there are a lot of resources out there; as well as night schools and online courses, cryptocurrency infographics are an excellent tool.

Learn how to drive business results

It is important to keep in mind the biggest picture when using the blockchain, as this will allow you to customize your implementation to drive a company towards its goals. Working closely with executives and company executives will ensure the achievement of this result.

If you think you lack synergy with the leadership team, it's up to you to make that contact; this will show them that you are invested in the business and you are also trying to develop your team skills.

Embracing the blockchain

Not embracing the blockchain is useless while creating software and working with a company based on this technology. Throw yourself to the blockchain and believe that it is the future for businesses and that the world will come to rely on it (internet, anyone?), It will allow you to improve your blockchain development skills and make yourself employable for years to come.

Choose a language

You probably already have knowledge of more than one language. However, it is advisable to expand this knowledge. For example, do you prefer HTML to Java? If so, did you know that, at the moment, Java is preferred to HTML as a language source for blockchain?

Be an expert in your field

This may not happen overnight, but establishing yourself as an expert on blockchain developers can be the key to ensuring highly profitable development work. To achieve this, you must not only possess the basic fundamental knowledge of the blockchain, but also the knowledge of its advanced uses and know how to adapt it to a business situation will be essential.

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You will need to be able to develop your continuous professional development (CPD) while expanding your knowledge in the workplace, bearing in mind that the blockchain is still emerging and therefore your mentality may need to move towards efficiency and scalability.

Understanding of the uses of the blockchain

Blockchain can be perfect for simplifying established business processes. It is not necessarily a tool to replace current processes and ERP systems; many companies are trying to increase their economies of scale, productivity and efficiency, through diversification methods, such as the acquisition of new companies.

This can of course generate synergies, however, blockchain technology can increase them as well as amalgamate business processes for even greater efficiency. With this in mind, it is critical that you be able to understand the position of blockchain in a company and apply your skills to different situations, depending on the direction that the company is heading.

Final words

Over time, the blockchain will probably develop further, bringing businesses and governments to ever higher levels of resource management, operational levels and, along with them, will improve the skills and competencies of all those involved.

Ask yourself: what skills do I currently need to develop? What skills do I need to add to my repertoire, so I can perform well-paid blockchain development work? The list above is not exhaustive, however, focusing on these areas will keep you in a good position.

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