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The sick girl who suffers from painful pains asks to die for her birthday – Mondo

Irmani Chowdhury is an 11-year-old girl who suffers from a rare and incurable condition that causes her to suffer pain comparable to third-degree burns.

The child is sedated with huge amounts of drugs to alleviate his suffering at the Diana, Princessa del Galles, Lincolnshire, UK hospital.

The girl suffers from interstitial cystitis, a chronic inflammation of the bladder walls, which cause her various wounds and bleeding and decreases the space available to store urine. This disease usually affects people between the ages of 30 and 40 and is more common in women. However, in children it is extremely rare to be detected.

The family desperately tries to help poor Irmani with innovative treatments. Although there is a special gel that can significantly alleviate the child's suffering, the hospital is waiting for the license to obtain the prescription of the medicine.

Meanwhile, the 11-year-old girl continues to suffer, with a tube installed in her stomach to preserve the bladder.

Rahman Chowdhury's father, Rahman Chowdhury, said in his statements to Grimsby Live that his daughter did not have a happy childhood and that no one has any idea what she suffers on a daily basis.

"When I asked her what she wanted for a birthday present for the next week, she said she just wanted to die," said the girl's progenitor, who does not understand the delay of the hospital in getting the gel .

In addition to all the daily sufferings for which Irmani is subject, there is a great risk that the child will contract sepsis, a generalized infection of the body and death.

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